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  1. ronniecalcutta

    Moving to UK

    No bro. I dont have any special preferences, but I would like to work with a Merc dealer 1st as it will be easier for me. Can you guys please help me about how to proceed, how to apply or how to get a job there? How about the visas? The companies prefer foreign workers or not? Please help me out.
  2. ronniecalcutta

    Main dealer vs independent service

    I think for premium/luxury/sports car segment it is better to go to the authorized workshops. There are many service bulletins, upgradation & software informations which is updated in the workshops on a daily basis, which may not be known to the indipendent technicians. In our cities it is very...
  3. ronniecalcutta

    Glossary of tuning terms

    FFE: Free flow exhaust CAI: Cold air intake VTVT: Variable train valve timing DVT: Desmodromic valvetrain BOV: Blow off valve CHP: Cylinder head porting RAI: Ram air intake TIR: Tuned intake runner RICING: Modification went absurd! Mostly used in India..
  4. ronniecalcutta

    Moving to UK

    Hello all! After a long time I am again back Torquecars! I was having intense pressure & had to study a lot to shape my career. I have now completed my post diploma in Automotive Mechatronics from Mercedes-Benz India plant & have become a Certified System Technician. Guys, I am thinking of...
  5. ronniecalcutta

    new member

    Welcome mate !
  6. ronniecalcutta

    New to torquecars

    Welcome mate !
  7. ronniecalcutta


    Welcome to Torquecars mate ! I think fitting a Turbo to a below 1L engine will not be worthy. Still you may go for a smaller one keeping in mind to re port the head & may be new sets of connecting rods to withstand the boost pressure.
  8. ronniecalcutta

    New forum for cleaning/valeting

    Great....some people are much concerned about the looks !
  9. ronniecalcutta

    Faster on left or right bends

    Left is more here....
  10. ronniecalcutta

    Regards from Finland

    Welcome Matey !
  11. ronniecalcutta

    Devaluing your car

    Mainly for the mods that violates the MOT regulations, like free flow exhaust, Engine mods(not all people are well versed with engines), hip hop graphics, funky arts etc etc
  12. ronniecalcutta

    been a while

    Welcome back matey !
  13. ronniecalcutta

    How valuable is your partner to your hobby?

    I'm lucky enough to have one who is ready to wear an apron and help me out while I'm in my workshop... :D
  14. ronniecalcutta

    electronic fan stays on

    And once again, you can check the Thermoswitch by checking it's continuity with multimeter. A Thermoswitch will not allow to complete a circuit in normal temperature. Hope you can test continuity...
  15. ronniecalcutta

    electronic fan stays on

    Have a multimeter? Then just find out the normal resistance of these sensors of your particular car from the manufacturer's site or manuals. Then just check the resistance of those as given in the manual. It's the easiest way I can imagine for diagnosing the problem for those who do not have...
  16. ronniecalcutta

    larger fuel injectors

    They are more than capable unless you fit any forced induction device or oxidizer like NOS...
  17. ronniecalcutta

    electronic fan stays on

    Look if there is any Thermoswitch in the top tank of radiator. In a car with thermoswitch controlled fan, the thermoswitch will be solely responsible. If the fan is controlled by ECU then check the Coolant Temperature Sensor.
  18. ronniecalcutta

    Driving in different shoes

    Canvas shoes are my favourite...cause i can feel the pressure I'm putting in to the pedals...
  19. ronniecalcutta

    High Performance Engines

    Chevy Corvette....
  20. ronniecalcutta

    Removing wheels to clean them

    Most of the time...
  21. ronniecalcutta


    Welcome mate !
  22. ronniecalcutta


    Welcome to Torquecars mate !
  23. ronniecalcutta

    Hi there

    Welcome mate !
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    Welcome mate !
  25. ronniecalcutta

    Flashing glow plug Light

    Have you checked the electrical harnesses & connections?
  26. ronniecalcutta


    Welocome Mate !
  27. ronniecalcutta


    Welcome to Torquecars mate !
  28. ronniecalcutta


    Welcome Mate ! You can paint the calipers with yellow too.. the color looks good on calipers...
  29. ronniecalcutta


    Welcome Mate !
  30. ronniecalcutta


    Welcome Mate !
  31. ronniecalcutta


    Welcome Mate ! Your screen name is awesome !
  32. ronniecalcutta

    LPG V Methanol

    Yes. Here it is on demand too
  33. ronniecalcutta

    Hi from Rye

    Welcome Mate!
  34. ronniecalcutta

    Funny parking note

    Another horrible note....
  35. ronniecalcutta

    How stupid

    Seems relying completely on technology can prove fatal...
  36. ronniecalcutta


    Welcome Mate !
  37. ronniecalcutta

    What tools do you have then

    It'll take a lot of time to name everything, but I try to keep every kind of tools inside, because it not only earns you a good workshop practitioner, it also helps cut short the time taken....
  38. ronniecalcutta


    Welcome Mate ! Your ride has potential...
  39. ronniecalcutta

    Hello from the Philippines!

    Welcome mate ! Do a little bit of exterior modifications too...Lancer has good dynamics...
  40. ronniecalcutta


    Hello Mate ! Let us know you better ! Keep posting...

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