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    Sw tools

    ok, first thank for your time replying me. I'm totally newbie in ecu mapping but I have a huge experience in microcontrollers and programming , I've basic knowledge of engine and know teorically how ecu works. Now take that example, I have two cars, same model , same buildin year , same engine...
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    Sw tools

    Hi , thank for the answer , I need to control a LOT of car so I really need to do by myself , I only need to know what's the best sw to use so I can buy it and start to learn , I don't need to learn to modify cars , I only need to understand how to write back original map.
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    Sw tools

    Hi all, I need a solution for check if a car have a modified ecu sw and reload the stock one. I need that for a car buyer that need to have buyed cars with stock sw before resell them. Car's are mainly mercedes from 2010 to recent one. What sw is the most simple solution to archieve that ? I can...

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