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    Wanted: Ford Consul Mk2

    Hi rock, yes still looking so many projects on the go that this has been on the back burner whilst.waiting for the right one toturn up
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    you are going to have to treat the rust before apply 'special spray' unless, as Prince says, you are going to weld in new metal. How serious is the rust - has it gone right through?
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    govt to look at raising the limit to 80.

    80mph sounds about right and it will be good if/when it takes effect. Agree with HDi's comments about BRAKE. Have read very little about what they have done/proposed but what i have read smacks of nonsense.
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    Cars becoming status symbols

    think it depends on the people themselves. Some definately buy the car just for the badge, personally i like driving the Scooby which is why i have it, am looking for an Evo but have yet to test drive one and if i dont like it i wont buy it. i want something that is fun and has some decent...
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    Bad start to a day.

    ban him - driving near a zebra crossing and a wasp flies near him he will end up mowing everyone down.
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    "Asleep" at the wheel

    yes, its damn scary stuff. Had worked for a day and a half solidly at 2 separate jobs and was on my way back home, to a well earned sleep, just sort of drifted off and when startled myself awake - was ok for position on the road but had the windows right down and turned the stereo up full - was...
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    Car Parks

    I hate parking in the supermarket at the best of times but out of necessity had to make a dash to Sainsbury's. Pull into the parking space, baby and child as had the wee boy with me, and was cleary not in the space and so had to reverse a bit to straighten up. Some complete bell end had seen me...
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    Road rage

    Yes - numerous times - and actually, to be honest, in some instance i do regret it. Normal reason is getting cut up
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    Tar Spots

    Was giving the Subaru its bi-annual wash when i was over and fond, to my horror, that up to about the lower window line its had tiny spots of black tar everywhere - when it was dirty it was visible to the naked eye but after washing you could feel the roughness across the paintwork. Had to T-Cut...
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    Wonderwheels alloy wheel cleaner

    i found wonder wheels on the Subaru pretty ineffective at doing anything. The brake dust is somewhat baked on and it seems that they suffer from this but liberal applications of wonder wheels didnt really do very much (this maybe down to incompetence or just the stuff i was using is probably...
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    Summer winter car

    dont see any point unless you have something with powerful RWD and then its not much fun in the snow. The Scoob is great in the winter, if i had a cabrio then maybe that would be for summer use, fine in Vietnam but in Scotland - lets be realistic - i would use it about 2 days a year
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    best sports car for UK roads

    Impreza for me. But on the 'B' roads with the Tein suspension its a bit of a handful, you actually need to back off or your liable to end up in a field.
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    pig ugly

    agree - damn ugly
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    One Moron Ruining Things For The Rest Of Us...

    bunch of idiots - but somewhat ridiculous the police couldnt catch them
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    The First car to clock 3 Million miles?

    think of the monotony of sitting in the same seat for 45 years!
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    Do they have a high spec model of the car you have with more toys in it? as typically manufacturers using the same loom and just plug more things into it the higher spec the car is.
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    A Ranting Ebay seller, worth a look

    excellent - worth about 400 quid for scrap, worth the money.
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    Why bays are so small

    i think this is sponsored by weight watchers, being a portly chap i feel the squeeze now in these modern car parsk trying to get out of the car and make sure, at the widest point, my door isnt trynig to mate with the car next door.
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    top gear

    didnt know this was starting up again - will need to find it on Youtube, the trouble is the Beeb are getting too effective at takes the vids down now.
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    Failure to notify of disposal of vehicle

    JC, await to hear the amusing response from the DVLA on this - but bets on that as you didnt sign the v5 they are going to somehow get this out of you. They do hold all the cards in this.
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    Strange hitch hikers

    an innocent looking, 19year old swedish girl hitch hiking, in distress...... Fnorpan, please stop, i think i might burst.
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    Is this "buyer" a hoax?

    just read the first couple of lines; Haiti, UN Special Envoy - say no more. havent seen the car at all but want to buy. surely a con. received this quality one yesterday: Attention: I am Matthew Wright. The Fund Manager of Fidelity Bank Investment International.As an expert,I have made...
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    Strange hitch hikers

    some bizarre people out there! Does anyone actually pick hitchhikers up?
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    low rpm turbo = better fuel economy ??

    all of this makes a difference. Tyres can make a huge difference. As per BBJ's comment, have to agree, this is surely a pointless exercies any possible beneift, if their really is any which doubt, would be more than absorded by the mamouth cost incurred by modifying the engine to suit.
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    Ever been sad to sell a car

    regretted selling my Pug 205 GTi, not even sure why i did it but to free up garage space as didnt need the money. the only good thing was bought for 500 quid, had it for 3 years and sold it for the same amount of money. still long after it sometimes though as it was very solid car.
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    Another Battle in the War against the Motorist

    this is terrible, if the police have something against you personally this could cause real problems as they do, as in most professions (i.e. theiving scummy lawyers) act as a gang. Come here, Vietnam, if you want to see bad, or more rightly, careless driving. I actually think UK drives, in...
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    Excuses for being late

    my dog ate my tyres.
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    Does your mood affect your driving?

    I'm with you on this one, if I'm angry or annoyed then really tend to take it out on the car. and, like above from others, if i let someone out etc... and not even a thanks then everyone else during that journey can forget about receiving any nice gestures.
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    Wrong side of the road

    sometimes when i am back in the UK, normally on the first day back, i have to think myself about which side of the road to be on. The only time i normally see drivers approaching on the wrong side it isnt foreigners but normally some young tw*ts who have been trying to overtake for the past two...
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    Cars you ONCE loved

    I used to love my little Nova's but now..........................
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    Are you fuel paranoid

    absolutely paranoid - like you Waynne i have to keep checking when filling up numerous times just incase the fuel fairies have magically swapped the nozzle that i had in my hand. the other paranoia i have wehn filling up is when at the end tapping the nozzle to make sure the fuel has all come...
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    Any car any colour any location

    a man after my own heart - but for myself in bright canary yellow.
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    Pump up tyres

    compressor for me. but 39psi - mine are only 2.2bar all round (i.e. about 28). i never go to petrol stations as the gauges can be well out.
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    Beware of new THEFT trends

    this is classic, the look on your face must have been a real picture the next morning.
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    Business idea

    if a lot for sale then suspect that many people thought its easy to set up and so easy money - they have then started and found out that this is not the case, so epeating whats already mentioned above, you have to be really committed to it to make something happen. i would really love to buy...
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    Dealing with tailgaters

    depends what i'm driving and where i am. Going past the house is a 40mph zone, often get tailgating through this area so if coming up to the house entrance then just slam the brakes on, if they hit then 100% they are to blame.
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    Think! Bike

    indicating or not he still had the responsiblity to turn and check as well, especially if he had stopped and then was starting off again. based on the facts from your side then would agree with you. Not much else you could have done, imo, in this situation.
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    What are birds eating

    i suspect if you ask the global warming nutters then this will be the reason, the birds have become stressed and so their excrimant has changed colours!
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    Thanks for the rules! am with BFF and have them printed out already, will distribute before embarking on any journey.
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    Undercut by a Merc Brabus driver

    no favourism from myself, if some cuts me up they will get a ream of abuse whoever it is. the worst one i Vietnam is emabssy owned cars (you can tell from the numberplates) as they are practically immune from prosecution, the police will not stop them. (in fact the likes of the Cambodian embassy...

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