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    help with van conversion

    hi guys, i was thinking of buying a golf but since someone i know died in a head on collision its put me off buying a faster car so instead im thinking of buying a van (not sure on type or size yet) and turning the back into a mobile love nest lol anyway, im wondering how i would power such...
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    debadge 200 bubble shape

    does anyone know the easiest and most stylish way to debadge a rover 200 mainly the grill and boot handle.
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    ebay, there is a guy on ebay that fixes whatever it is cheap too if i remember right, my rover has the same problem so im thinking of contacting him. found it, i think its better to send the old ones(whatever they are called) too him and let him fix it rather than having to solder new ones on...
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    interior paint

    cheers jonski
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    interior paint

    ok so i keyed the plastic to be painted, washed it and then layed it out in my shed ready to paint. when i started priming, a gust a wind blew dirt and hair ect onto the parts. does anyone know what i should do from here? do i sand it all the way back and start again? plz help thanks
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    98 rover 214 plz help

    the noise isn't to bad most people dont even notice it, and its on and off too
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    What cars would you never overtake?

    never overtake woman (sorry ladies) i tried to overtake this old woman once and not only did she speed up but she moved to the center of the road so i couldnt safely pass, think i was more scared than her
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    What does your rev counter tell you

    as i drive a rover i watch it to make sure my revs dont get too high and blow my head gasket lol
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    98 rover 214 plz help

    its not long since i fitted a gearbox and clutch to my car and it was fine, but now when the clutch is not pressed there is a noise coming from under the bonnet, i can only here it when the car is idling. when i press the clutch the noise goes away, any thoughts would be gratefully recieved...
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    interior paint

    i will post some pics when done. in my head the paint will look good and professional, just hope it does in real life when finished
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    interior paint

    thanks, i got plastic primer, BRgreen, wet and dry and lacour (how ever you spell it)
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    interior paint

    thanks waynne thats where i got the idea from but the way it was explained was a little confusing so i thought i would check first before starting.
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    interior neons

    just bought some interior neons for my car and i am a complete noob with electrics so if anyone can guide me on connecting them i would be thankfull. the instructions say connect direct to battery but would that not leave wires trailing over my engine?
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    Whats the naughtiest thing you've seen a police car do.

    just the other day i was traveling down the road at 30 and a police car suddenly pulled out from a side road causing me to swerve and him/her to slam the anchours on, no blues or siren. must have been late for tea
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    Are neons illegal?

    i heard that they are not illegal but if the police ask you to turn them off its better to obligue
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    interior paint

    sorry if this is a repost as i am new but, when painting the plastic in the car interior do i prime then paint, or paint prime paint? i am a bit of a noob so please forgive me and thanks in advance for your help

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