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    Chatting to strangers about their cars

    phillip island Australia , has a supplementry regulation that ANYONE who asks a question of an owner /driver will be treated like a lost brother , bonnents opened , and healthy conversation encouraged . this promotes interest in motor sports and works .
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    Whats the point of modding a car and spending £10k on it!

    great picture , i love the boots ( yes the spelling is correct ) i prefer not to dwell on the costs involved in my passion , my wonderfull wife never has a problem with the cost involved , its cheeper than a mistress , keeps you out of the pub , and your home every night . i beleive she gets...
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    Pessimistic and optimistic drivers

    the point you all missed is A PESSSIMIST CAN NEVER BE DISAPPOINTED food for thought me i like to think of myself as an opertunisist
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    How many cars do you own

    more than i need , 1953 austin a30 coupe lic , 1959 jajuar mk 1 , 1964 tecno openwheeler , 1970 v6 3100 capri , 1976 jaguar xjs 1988 jaguar convertable lic 1994 toyota landcrusier lic plus car transporter ford truck ( lorrie ) But surely it has nothing to do with what you actually need? :-)
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    Can I improve my 22 MPG's

    Take it to a jag specialist , it possibly something simple such as retarded timing ,weak vac advance , faulty sensor etc . After all your not that far away from the optium .
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    Big block temp. problem

    hello , i had the same problem of making a lot of tempreture and not being able to dump it . this was manifest from the fisrt run in the car , i purchased a large craig davis 12v water pump which had addaptor sleves to allow for different size hoses . i removed the water pump amd...
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    long time no visit

    HELLO , I TO HAVE BEEN AWAY FOR SOME TIME . if your interested a freind posted a bit on you tube showing my car in its current form you need to go to you tube then load Jaguar XJS V12 at JCC of WA Track Day i dont know how to do a short cut regards pat
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    A hot lap in a V8 Supercar.

    the track record WAS set in about 2005 Greg Murphy just beaten by Craig Lownes this month 2010 it stood for 5 years ( v8 super car )
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    can anyone help me out (Suspension ideas)

    the best book i could recommend is PAVED TRACK STOCK CAR TECHNOLOGY steve smith auto sports covers all set up details , brakes , chassis , suspension and alignment . should be available around the traps good luck
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    Snap Off Help.

    not exactly sure but it sounds like the quick release on steering wheels for race cars , if so they work well , go between the boss and wheel . they have splines ( nale and female ) with a notch cut at right angles to the axis of the steering coloum . push this button downward and pull , the...
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    Which COUNTRY ??

    i am from Australia , west coast
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    Daft Questions People Might Know Answers Too...

    ok the part identified is the valve which opens and shuts the pump chamber to the hydraulic cylinder . when you turn the handle the bevel gear should also turn ( on both sets of gears ) closed to make the jack foot rise and open to lower , you have said the gear circled doesnt turn . i think the...
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    Pcd of mags

    yes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT the studs will be in both tension and a bending moment . is this good............. NO SO DONT DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    coupe's xjs

    you can also pull the water pump , short vee belt power steering drive , drop the extra drive pullys from the harmonic balancer by installing an electric water pump and a plate to replace the water pump . ( just did it to my v12 works real well , more hp , cooler & less weight forward of the...
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    Did you know......

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    Your first cars number plate

    holden ek 1962 rego PJ42
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    Daft Questions People Might Know Answers Too...

    if it is a cheaper style it will have a small rubber plug protuding on the outside of the cylinder that the pushing rod extends from , you need to remove this with a flat blade screwdriver and fill with oil . a more expensive floor jack will have a hex drive plug or simular to excess the oil...
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    Daft Questions People Might Know Answers Too...

    just a couple of questions re the JACK what type is it ? bottle or roll under floor jack
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    106 1998 arch rubbing problems

    thanks indiaman ,good that you remembered and great to have positive feedback
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    advise needed

    thanks , my pedal box has an adjustable centre fulcrum between both brake master cyliners , both of the masters are the same bore size . adjusting the fulcrum allows the bias to be adjusted front to rear . there is a seperate clutch master cylinder which will remain unchanced . one of the two...
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    back again have a look in my album CARS photo number five 381 hp 1106 fb191kph the graph is missing but thats what torque is
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    you picked a hard one , but here goes horse power & torque go hand in hand , when calculating horse power torque is part of the formula , as does RPM the ideal when looking at a graph / power curve from a dyno ( rolling road is what i think you call it ) is to make high torque at low...
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    advise needed

    No No sorry for the confusion i want to use a clutch master for one of the brake masters ( one front wheels and the other as the rear }
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    advise needed

    can someone please tell me if a clutch master cylinder can be used as a brake master cylinder ( currently changing the pedal box to twin masters on the brake circuit for bias adjustment ) one for the front & the other the rear , The brake master has a check valve to retain a very low pressure...
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    First Post

    ok , i get the general lay out on your whereabouts . nice part of the country , personally i liked the north island but up past pookinuni ( cant spell the name , but thats how its pronounced ) any way welcome and start posting some photos of those famous nz specials .
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    First Post

    hello & welcome , so how far from Auckland is Marton ? or is it a suburb ?
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    G'day all

    hello and welcome to torque cars, just came back from phillip island great place but Melbourne was to big for me . again welcome and tell us a bit about your car etc
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    106 1998 arch rubbing problems

    if your mate has used a grinder on the arch you wont mind using a peice of wood to slide between the tyre and the body work ( just jam it into the space and push the car forward this should roll the guard outward away from the tyre ) the size of the wood can be increased as the gap grows ( paint...
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    Do you clean your plugs

    if you think the rear plugs on a v6 camry are hard try a changing a set on a v12 with webers , i have changed them once and that was to iridium plugs ( should never have to do again )
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    What car would you most like to own.

    any thing with a bar and a driver
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    New Member from Calcutta, India

    welcometo the forum , i look forward to your posts
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    What car did you want as a small person?

    i heard the resonance of a 3.4 mark 1 jaguar being tuned at a service station when i was 11 years old & new there and then this was a very special car . it took 22 years to realize the dream.
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    Aussie V8 supercars, how good?!!

    we get it every weekend they race , plus a special v8 extra which updates the events and changes in v8 super cars . i try to watch each event
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    dry sump

    well done , a very comprehensive summary of the subject . an explanation of the process of operation , the original oil pump is removed ,usually 3 oil pickup points ( inlets to the scavenge pumps ) are installed in the existing sump or to a custom sump . They remove the oil as it becomes...
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    coupe's xjs

    but its as they say " want something done in a hury , get a busy person "
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    coupe's xjs

    hi Coupe, the rear side windows can be pushed out and the light weight ones put back into the rubbers real easily , from memory you loose about 2 kg total .
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    hello i like big ol' volvos and capris

    hi & welcome , i admire your choice of motor car , i to have an rs 3100 goes like a scolded cat
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    Local petrol pumps ripping us off

    only on the weekend , the price goes up Aus $1.20 about 66 p
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    Hey there.

    HI , & WELCOME TO TORQUE CARS , a saab isnt a real common car in Australia but have a look and see if there is an existing forum on this site . If there isnt START ONE good luck
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    Speed trap warnings

    yes yes , i always try to warn drivers of impending traps or trouble ahead . The police dont like it as it cuts into the revenue for the state , but prevention is far better than the crime . The part i like most is the continual statements that its about prevention and that the high police...

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