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    Starting from Scratch

    I think the map is fine as it runs very well on petrol it is only the gas that is giving me a problem. I think my next step is to have the gas part of the car serviced and speak to these guys about the issue. My normal garage is good and they are a VW audi specalist but they are not great with...
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    Starting from Scratch

    Hello, First thank you everyone so far for your advise. I didn't give you the whole picture when I said the car was stock. I missed out one important detail, the car has an LPG conversion (I do a lot of motorway driving so please forgive me) After reading some of your posts I thought the first...
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    Starting from Scratch

    Hey, I have a stock Skoda Octavia VRS can anyone suggest the bests steps and the best order to take the steps in to improve the car? It is my everyday drive so I don't want to go mad.

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