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    Subaru owners

    I used to be.
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    How high is your head rest

    Ive got the drivers one up high enough and in the correct place. The rear ones are down as low as possible. cant see out back otherwise. Let em get whiplash
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    Mondeo power issues

    as a mondeo tdci owner im sure ill have injector issues at some point.... My question is, whats recoding/reprogramming the injectors? I didnt realise that injectors needed coding to the engine or anything. Can you explain this for me?
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    Any CRX's still going strong out there?

    Its so strange that this topic has appeared in the new posts list. Look whats currently parked outside my house... These things are quick. 160hp in a 1.6! couldnt quite belive it. and the vtec is awesome!
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    Clicking Sound...?

    drain the oil and if its got bits of metal in it then its bad news im afraid. Thats what happened to my pug :(
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    Little Break, Little Change...

    Haha, because its true. lol
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    How many doors for you

    5 door for me. Much more useful.
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    Gear changing shortcuts

    DSG anyone?
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    Cam belt time!

    That audi price sounds quite good to me?
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    my silver bullet

    Pics are a bit small, Where's me glasses?
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    Little Break, Little Change...

    Was that sarcasm? lol
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    The Zetec S

    Im not a fan of the facelifted rear lights to be honest. Nor the normal 5 spoke wheels. Once lowered and wheels refurbed i think it will look loads better. Stereo? I like the Nav unit ive got in it. No doubt the equiv later unit would be very expensive. lol Good idea about the ST brakes...
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    Clicking Sound...?

    Wont it have coil packs rather than leads? And if im thinking the right noise (a noise similar to what i had in my pug) im thinking the big end might be up creek.
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    What affects crash-test rating?

    Roll-cage, seats and harness is about the only mods that an end user can do to increase crash safety as far as im aware.
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    What affects crash-test rating?

    It depends on many many factors. Over here we have an organisation called Euro Ncap who crash cars and rate their performance. Im guessing in America you will have something similar. A good test result is more than a sum of its airbags
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    The Zetec S

    lol. i dont think 20's would be a very comfy ride. The tyres are already plenty small on its 18's
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    Fitting Lowering Springs. How hard?

    Coil spring compressors. Ive got those. I wondered if there was any model specific difficulties in removing the strut from the hub assembly to remove the spring. Or can i just jack the car up, wind in the spring, undo the top strut mountings and effectively lower the assembly down to make room...
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    Little Break, Little Change...

    The green line is the torque the red the bhp. Youre right in saying keep the car between 1800 and 3000. Its where all its torque is therefore most of its acceleration. But to be honest it pulls really well right upto its "red-line"
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    Fuel impulse buys

    Usually nothing. Putting upto £70 of fuel in the car usually puts me in a bad mood and cant bear to spend anymore money.
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    The Zetec S

    Hmmm interesting figures... Could always do with more power...
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    Little Break, Little Change...

    Course i dont think its your fault. lol and as soon as i want it mapped ill be straight on the phone to you. :bigsmile:
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    Fitting Lowering Springs. How hard?

    for the meantime will probably just do springs. Only want a 20-30mm drop so it shouldnt stress the dampers too much.
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    Formula Yawn

    They got rid of Traction, ABS etc at the start of the 2009 season iirc.
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    Hello and Welcome, Have fun with the torsion bar when you decide to lower it....
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    mixed rims

    Post a pic of your current rims. Im sure someone can tell you what they are. Failing that, look for some Rotas for the back.
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    Fitting Lowering Springs. How hard?

    As the title suggests really. I want to lower the Mondy 30mm and im toying with trying it myself or paying my local garage. Now ive fitted new spring and shocks to the rear of mk3 golfs before but im thinking springs and shocks on the front of a car will be more difficult. am i right? any guides?
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    Most innovative new car

    Whats that special about it though? Sure its got almost 1000bhp but so what? Put enough turbo's, intercoolers and other cooling onto a big enough engine and you'll easily get that. Its not even the fastest car in the world anymore. Dont get me wrong, I do like the Veyron, I just dont think its...
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    Formula Yawn

    To a degree, open wheel racing is always going to be like this. Especially at the speeds seen in F1. The cars just cant get too close to each other otherwise its game over. Something like touring cars is always going to be more exciting because they can rub and bump without too much worry of...
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    kitt comes to torque cars

    Nice steering wheel... Can i call it a steering wheel? Looks more like a flight stick? lol
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    Oh Herrowww

    Welcome buddy, "Get your rat out" Love it!
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    Fiat 2.0l Turbo 16v engine into a Punto 1.8 HGT

    180bhp in a punto would still be pretty handy. And being the only one in his country would be satifying to own i think.
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    Best Exhaust Peugeot 106 16v Gti ( 2002 )

    As a couple of people have already said go Supersprint. Love em I also had a Longlife system on my 306. Was ok but was slightly too loud and killed me ears on long trips.
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    Most innovative new car

    Honda FCX Clarity. For all the HooHaa of Hybrids etc We as motorists have to accept its our future. The FCX is the most insightful, innovative and most technologically advanced car ever. Prius what?
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    Red white or black leather

    Gotta be black leather, its a bugger in the summer though. Ouch
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    The Zetec S

    Hey guys, thought I would post up some pics of the Mondeo. Just washed it and gave it its first polish in a while. Think it came up ok. Things to do: Lower (you wouldnt think it was sitting on 18's on sports suspension) Refurb wheels And then possibly a remap Who said standard radios were...
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    306 2.2hdi

    and the hassle. lol To be fair, best of luck in trying though. If you do go ahead with it you'll have to put up a WIP thread.
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    Ferrari or Lamborghini-wich is best

    Drove a Gallardo and 360 back to back on an experience day and I was Lambo man before but the Ferrari is just another world! Wouldnt say no either to be honest though.
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    306 2.2hdi

    Why not just buy a 406 2.2hdi and be done with it? Be cheaper than any conversion....
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    Just My Luck !

    Make sure you keep that photo and any others to forward onto the insurance company. It will go a great deal to help lay blame.
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    New Boy On the Block

    hi and welcome, if you have just had the car lowered and its only just started to knock i would check to see if the springs are sitting properly in the struts. if it isnt it will rotate and knock. Ian

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