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  1. KAR120C


    I will do. Thank you for the warm welcome. Michael
  2. KAR120C


    Hi Wayne, My car is still in the "project build needs to be started" stage! This is my third 7. They certainly are good fun. The first two were both Super Sprint spec with modified Ford 711M blocks and 40 DCOE Webers. I have been slowly acquiring parts for the rebuild. It's stripped right out...
  3. KAR120C

    16 valve 2.0 litre C20XE engine

    Rebuildin my C20XE. I am interested in any parts people may be selling.
  4. KAR120C

    Caterham parts.

    Always interested in any S3 Caterham 7 parts up for sale. Always looking to improve my car.
  5. KAR120C


    Any C20XE rebuild tips? I want to produce around 180BHP with the best torque and economy I can get. Looking for suggestions. Would love to hear from experienced C20XE builders.
  6. KAR120C

    My Jags

    Very nice!
  7. KAR120C

    Coil Over Shocks

    My 7 uses coil overs front and rear. Can anyone recommend good fast road setup and brands?
  8. KAR120C

    Where do you think fuel prices will be in a year

    Unleaded currently £1.15 at Morrisons in Chippenham I believe.
  9. KAR120C


    Hi all, just signed up! Currently own an unbuilt Caterham 7 SIII. Would love to hear from other owners. Michael

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