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    2017 Honda Civic type R

    Had this stunning 2017 Honda Civic type R came in for a few power runs on our 4WD dyno With induction upgrade the car made 353BHP with 342FTLBS Stay tuned for more updates
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    Thank you Waynne, It was great chatting to you earlier and I agree our future relationship will be mutually beneficial. As I underscored earlier there seems to be a wealth of industry specific knowledge on here and more importantly many enthusiasts for us to network with. Thanks again for the...
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    Please do guys, call on us whenever you need :)
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    Mercedes ML 63 Bi-Turbo Weistec W3 @ MSL Performance

    We have had a Lovely ML63 in for Turbo Upgrades and Down Pipes Car will be having the following done W3 Weistec Turbos Weistec DP Res Delete Filters We are looking to Hit around 800 bhp once car is finished. Stock Figures Dyno Run 494 whp 553 bhp 520 wtq 582 tq We will keep you upto date...
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    Fitting a turbo .........some do's and dont,s

    Very good explanation, we work with a lot of high end vehicles at MSL and can certainly see the valid points.
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    Hey guys At *** we work on mapping and tuning and all things performance. We are happy to be here on Torquecars and hopefully will have many great discussions and share some great content with you all and show you all some of the fantastic vehicles we have worked on. Kind regards **Hi buddy...

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