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    03 accord type s knocking sound

    well thats what I would have thought too but maybe thats faulty too. I will maybe take a loot at the plugs before I leave it in to mechanics on monday just dont want to be stung for a fortune by mechanic if I have fair idea of what it might be.
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    03 accord type s knocking sound

    Hi and thanks Not sure about plugs Im only a novice at this so just unplugged the electrics from each plug. I reckon the oil has been low as it took a good 2 litres of oil when I topped it up with higher grade to see if this helped. Just worried that the engine is shot.
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    03 accord type s knocking sound

    Hi, I have a 03 type s 2.4 and since last week it has started knocking between 2 and 3000 rpm. It happens in all gears including neutral and i tried unplugging spark plugs 1 by 1 and found that the noise disappears when the 3rd plug from the left is unplugged. Any help would be greatly...

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