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    Turbo High Pressure

    I have had a new Turbo fitted. I had the problem with the old Turbo fitted, but still got problem. Could you advise me on how to test a Boost/Map sensor and Maf Cheers
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    Turbo High Pressure

    Morning everyone, My Peugeot 307 110hdi 1.6 2005 has code p0238, Turbo High Pressure. I have changed Maf & boost/map sensor and still the same. Also fitted new Turbo. Can anyone help please
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    Turbo High Pressure

    Hello everyone I'm new to site.I have Peugeot 307 110hdi 1.6 2005. Engine light comes on, PP2000 say's Turbo high pressure. Speed 2023 rpm Turbo volts 2823mv Turbo pressure 2470mbars Atmospheric pressure 988mbars Pressured injector flow 59mg/impulse Can anyone tell me what to do to correct...

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