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    Turbo charging Maruti Suzuki 800

    Yes, I'm planning on picking a low pressure turbo (GT1544/1548)... checkin if I could get any used one's. and yeah intercooler is definitely gonna be a challange for us. but I have plans, so i guess I can pull that off... thanks mate :) I wanna make this one with wide & high Torque band...
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    Turbo charging Maruti Suzuki 800

    And these are some of the modifications i have in list along with that: Forged pistons crank shaft Connecting rods (short) Transmission from a suzuki Esteem (1000cc) Final drive replacement for high torque band and the obvious porting, polishing and a bigger carb
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    Turbo charging Maruti Suzuki 800

    Hi everyone, I'm actually a new guy to the family, but not to the machine's I should say. :cool: Me and one of my friend recently started a project, well which is obviously in the title. So we picked a Maruti Suzuki 800, specifically the carburetor version. and planning on turbocharging it...

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