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    hello, vincent from Eire, newbie

    hello and welcome another new member excellent , nice car i drive a audi also
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    All we want...

    yes i know good isn't it :lol: a nice shiny red one with red leather interior, 225bhp and goes like a rocket :p
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    All we want...

    love it lots and lots , i want one now??:lol:
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    Hi there

    hello and welcome , come and join the fun:D
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    hi folks im back again

    Hi every one i thought i would come back and say hello again been off the scene for a while , i,ve now sold the mazda rx8 it drank petrol like it was going out of fashion ( or was that me driving too fast hee hee:lol:) and now have a lovely audi tt , s line 1.6 225bhp goes like a rocket :-D...
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    help what car to buy next

    I may have to sell my beloved mazda rx8 :( as i am now having problems driving it as i now have a back problem :cry: , I need to buy something else which is not so low to get in to , but i also want something sporty looking aswell . Any suggestions
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    hi sorry internet was down will get photos asap if still intrested
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    not as yet but will try to do some today
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    will do thanks
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    new girl in town YAY!!!

    hellooo there and welcome :D
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    [original question solved!]. Good car for a first timer?

    would i be right in thinking you are in america as you quote in dollars and not pounds , the type of car would depend on what style you like first do you like hot hatches , something long and sporty ,or what ,if you have a style you like then that would give people something to recomened you on :)
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    i have some 17" universal fitting alloys for sale one with a new tyre the others have plenty of tread as well left , if anyone is intrested, they came off my mini cooper which i sold
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    Would you drive a PINK girly car?

    thats tasty... not :lol: :lol:
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    Would you drive a PINK girly car?

    it would depend on what type of car it was , i thought about pink for my rx8 :lol: :lol:
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    Hello every one

    hello and welcome :D
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    hi there

    hello and welcome :D
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    Caliper painting.

    i did them on the car
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    Door Conversions

    surely if you were to have doors like that the back and front would hit each other if you opened both front and back together, :? also wouldnt you need to remove the center post to have suicide doors as the rx8 does not have one, to make it work properly
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    Caliper painting.

    i painted mine red not sure about it though , its a strange paint to use though it is a bit thick and stringy
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    Full On? or Refined?

    i think that a car should be done in a tastefully with a bit of style and thought gone in to it , not have spoilers that look like bits of mecarno slapped on it or have skirting that dosent get obliterated every time it goes over a hump in the road, and silly great exshausts which dont fit the car
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    colored tires

    yuck coloured tyres :P ,it would look pretty silly if you had to replace one of the tyres and you not match the paint and you would be forever having to clean them
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    hello and greetings :D
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    Any alfa 156 owners out there?

    no it,s just we now have a tough decision which car to take out , :lol: there both fun
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    hi i am shalv

    hello greetings and welcome :D
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    Any alfa 156 owners out there?

    my husband has now got a 156 v6 192 bhp
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    your not wrong there dent my car and you,ll think pmt doen't seem half as bad :lol: :lol:
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    my kad mini

    yes i was had a old mini mayfair and a new mini cooper before the mazda rx8
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    a bit of a dilemmar there if you did it to my car i would probably kill you very slowly and painfully :lol: but i can see your point some people are nasty and would try and take you to the cleaners and you would end up paying thousands for a scratch which would proberly t-cut out
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    my kad mini

    oooh nice min love 8) it
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    Fuel Costs

    ha ha :P very funny it does like fuel if you give it some welly but so what its fun :) zoom zoom :lol:
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    Cheap Fuel!!!

    yes i guess so :)
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    How do you feel about letting other people drive your car?

    apart from my husband NO ONE drives my car :shock: even when he is driving i cringe when he gets too near other cars and kerbs , just the thought is making me panic :lol:
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    Turtle wax problem!

    dont scratch it what ever you do it will look terrible :shock: , you could try auto glym vinyl and rubber care i found that quite good , the worst case have you could have the bumper painted if it bugs you that much, i had all the plastic trim colour coded on my mini when i had it ,it looked...
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    I do hate it when people pull out on me....

    i have had people pull out on me on several ocassions especially on the mini roundabout in tonbridge town center , i have also noticed before when i had my mini people use to let me out of side roads but now i have my rx8 people dont so much i just get glares instead :? why :?:
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    Cheap Fuel!!!

    unfortunatley mine doesn't make any difference which petrol i put in
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    Fuel Costs

    i think i need a second mortgage for my car :shock: just to pay for the fuel ive got a mazda rx8 if i drive it sensibily i can get about 26 mpg but seem to have a problem , the car must have a mind of its own and just keeps going faster :lol:
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    :P greetings and helo
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    what is your car called

    what do you call your car :) , i used to have a new shape MINI COOPER that was called nancy when i left the mini forums they said that only minis were the only car that could be called a name or refered to as a him or her, so i thought i would ask a see if that is true mine rx8 is called...
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    Mazda RX8 owners

    not as yet apart from having the black plastic trim colour coded ,i only got the car about two weeks ago, but im sure things will happen soon enough :lol:
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    Mazda RX8 owners

    hi i have the cloth interior which is black and grey but i was thinking about having it recovered in leather

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