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    Supporting hybrid turbo mods

    Hi all, Had a hybrid turbo fitted to my 2008 Leon 1.9 105 and she's currently sitting around the 190 mark, the clutch is understandably starting to slip so looking at a solid conversion kit. Been looking on eBay and has anyone any experience of a Hahn and Schmidt clutch kit (solid flywheel...
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    Upgrading a clutch for less than £500

    Thanks for the reply Yea I forgot to say about the flywheel but it's needed too. I'm sort of just looking for an aftermarket upgrade and the only price I've got so far was £500 and was hoping to better if it there were any bargains online. A remap will also be done and having a de-cat as well
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    Upgrading a clutch for less than £500

    Hi all Currently running a 1.9 seat Leon 105 and putting a hybrid turbo in it which will take it up to 185hp. Standard injectors and standard clutch but the clutch will need upgrading and will possibly upgrade the injectors to get 230hp Any suggestions on a suitable clutch that could...
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    New to this forum and curious about a hybrid turbo

    Thanks all Been told that the main thing to be worried about would be the crankshaft but other than that everything should be fine. Would an exhaust upgrade be needed if the cat was removed or it was even straight piped? Herb, I'm not sure but how easy would it be to fit a 150 turbo and if it's...
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    New to this forum and curious about a hybrid turbo

    Hi all Just signed up to this forum and I'm very curious about putting a hybrid turbo into my 1.9 seat Leon 105, it has already been remapped to around 141. Power output is expected to be around 185 and hopefully I'll get a better clutch in it too to allow for the power, also it will be remapped...

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