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    legacy gtb tt re map

    found out you can get the chip but i don't know anyone upto the mapping job not a easy task as i have read it's getting it to control the intercooler and wastegate valves for when the second turbo kicks in. going to keep looking and asking as it would be nice to know the car is running safly on...
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    hey everyone as you can guess i'm new on here currently own a 99 astra alloys,induction kit,angle eyes,coupe front bumper and thats about it hope to be getting a legacy gtb soon when i have the money as i have another kid on the way :confused: so more space needed
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    legacy gtb tt re map

    hi i'm olly :) new on here hope to be getting a white or blue 97 gtb soon just wondering if some one could help with a on going problem for lots of people or point me in the direction of someone that could do the solution. the problem is re mapping the gtb. i know you have to get a piggy back...

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