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    406 coupe car parts

    Thanks for info. I will check out these shops and pages. @rockape I also have 2.0 406 Coupe. :)
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    406 coupe car parts

    Hi! :) The problem in Latvia is that here mostly tuned cars are - VW, BMW, Toyota, Audi, Honda etc Japan cars. We don`t even have Peugeot club here! :blink: And since Peugeot 406 Coupe is quite rare car it`s dificult to find parts for it. So I was wandering if somebody knows on-line shop where...
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    406 coupe car parts

    Hi, I have a little problem. - I need to buy some exterior details - door trims. Maybe somebody knows where I can buy them on-line. Thank You!
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    The Best Peugeot Model

    Yeah... what`s up with 406. Since I have 406 Coupe - that would be my vote! :rolleyes: But from these I voted for 407.

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