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    DIY Superchargers and Turbos

    Also, I'm planning on when I install the turbo of doing most of the work myself to keep cost down but having it tuned professionally.
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    DIY Superchargers and Turbos

    I have decided to take on a 240 as my project, that being said I understand that an engine rebuild is a good idea to start with those cars. If you have any advice on systems I should or should not implement on a vehicle like that please let me know. Putting a turbo in that would be really...
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    DIY Superchargers and Turbos

    I am not a mechanic, I do know my basics and am looking to have a project as I go through mechanic school, I'm not starting till next fall but would like to start working on it soon. It will help me learn more. But, I need to know if I choose a car that a turbo charger would be great for like a...

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