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  1. devman

    Kia Stinger Twin Charging ????

    I need to know is there a super charger out there for a 2018 Kia Stinger 3.3TT ( Lambda II RS T-GDi ) ??? The stinger comes with a twin turbo v6 AWD. I want to Twin charge it. Knowledge please????
  2. devman

    Any modified Kias out there

    MY 2018 Kia Stinger AWD 3.3 v6 Twin Turbo with a JB4, AEM Intakes, HKS Plugs, Lowering Springs, secondary cat/exhaust delete
  3. devman


    hey friend its going good. im new here too. trying to get 10 posts
  4. devman


    hey newbies im new too nice to meet ya. call me devman
  5. devman

    Hello all from bmw driver

    Hi there me too. pretty stoked myself
  6. devman


    hey there friend glad to meet ya. You can call me devman. Im a kia stinger 3.3TT owner.
  7. devman

    Hi I'm munt

    hi friend welcome. m new too. look forward to gaining knowledge along with you
  8. devman


    hi friend welcome. I have similar questions about turbos. good luck with your search
  9. devman


    hey there bud nice to meet you. call me devman. I look forward to seeing your photos of your rides soon
  10. devman

    Howdy ..

    wow that's a cool friend to do that for you. I wish you well. post some pics of your ride when your done with your 10 posts.
  11. devman

    Stinger 3.3TT driver

    Hey what's up everyone call me devman for now? Yup I'm new to your crew. I live in Taos New Mexico and I drive a 2018 Kia Stinger AWD 3.3TT and a 1979 Chevy Step-side K10. Looking forward to what yall have to offer in information and maybe I can contribute.

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