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    Civic 1.8 Suspension help

    Hi, I have a riddle for ya'll! I have something wrong with my front wheels. On straight, pothole-free roads the car drives fine but as soon as the road becomes British I hear clunking coming from the front.... like a loosely fitted ball join. Something like this, I never paid much attention...
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    What's wrong with my Smart Keys?

    Don't scare me like that, man, I can't do much with this key: You just stick the key in the slot and use the start/stop button for ignition. When the key is in the slot, I can only press the boot button.... which I did. There are manuals for...
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    What's wrong with my Smart Keys?

    Hi, The smart keys for my bmw 520d (2006) stopped working, both of them at the same time. I can still unlock the car manualy with a pull out key, but the lock/unlock and boot button all stopped working. The fact that both keys stopped working leads me to think it's not the batteries in fobs...
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    Is it legal to sell a car not in your name?

    And if he says yes?
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    Is it legal to sell a car not in your name?

    This chap's not a dealer, selling it from his own home. How can I register the car in my name if the previous owner signed it to this chap?
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    Is it legal to sell a car not in your name?

    So I went to have a look at a 520d today. The car seems to be in top condition, runs flawless, he bought a new road tax for it and is insured, all the paper work checks out.... apart from one thing. Now he pointed this out before I spotted it, the car he is selling is not in his name, but in...
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    Nearly had a Ladder go through my Windscreen on M25

    Last weekend, I was on the M25... it was fairly busy, I was in the fast lane with 3 other cars in front of me. Out of nowhere, I see a ladder in mid air.... it either flew over the first car, or came off it..... the second car hit it and sent it spinning towards the 3rd car. It sort of landed on...
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    Ever road killed anything?

    I've been driving on M45 the other day at night, for those who dont know, it is not lit and you will at most see 1-2 cars going in the same direction as you (we're talking around 10:30pm). Anyways, about half way through I get over taken by some car and watch it speed away down the road... 2...
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    Night driving

    Night drive any day (or night)! the roads are practically empty.... but i do get annoyed when people use high beams in a well lit area coming towards you
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    Fuel prices in your area

    the 2 places where i regularly fill up are Shell in Barking, east London, and Asda, Coventry.... up till now they used to sell unleaded for 128.7 unleaded.... but now its gone up to ~130.1 But i much prefer the Shell fuel, feels longer lasting.
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    Why did You buy your car

    Got my Corsa for the same reason PP did, but ive never seen another corsa like mine on the road before (focus ST orange) so it kinda makes it look like not-a-corsa. Dont regret it for a second, hands up who had a break down in the last 3 years! none for me :D i recommend it to any new driver
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    De-icing your car.

    De-Icer has been a life saver many times for me, use it with car heater and it shouldnt freeze (never heard of de icer freezing o.O). Give it a few seconds for enough ice to melt, and then wipe it off with wipers. easily the quickest and most effortless way to get rid of ice if ur pressed for time
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    anyone did the IAM course?

    Ive been thinking for a long time whether I should do the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motoring) course. Any one here done it? What kind of stuff do they teach you on it?
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    If you saw someone stealing a car

    All HELL would break loose if I ever caught anyone mugging my car..... it was broken into... TWICE!! second time was more merciful. But i should say that both times it was my fault. I wont mention what happened the first time, but the second time i was robbed.... it was because the battery in...
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    Whiplash backlash

    this is hardly breaking news.... i could have told you that. But at least they are aware of these scams and do something about it. and why should a whiplash be on your car insurance anyway? car insurance should insure either the car you hit and your car (if you chose)..... whiplash is a a claim...
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    Is buying a NEW car worth it??

    Over the holidays, I've been round to Citroen to test drive DS3 DSport. Fantastic car, no doubt. But I'm struggling to get my head round why would anyone buy one brand new... To my understanding, here's how buying a new car works: The dealers were very careful trying to avoid what was...
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    What would u get for 7.5k?

    Interesting choices...... But im a tight sod, so id have the Mini Cooper S, from 2007...... 175bhp and 45mpg combined (thats better economy then what i currently drive!!). Got the power, and not that worried about refiling every 100 yards.
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    What would u get for 7.5k?

    So you have a budget of £7,500.... what car would you get?? can be a bog standard modern car..... or you can get an older car and tune it with the left overs. What do you do? WHAT DOOOOO YOU DO??
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    How to make a head unit work without a car?

    Hello All!!!! Been a while since I last been here, but I've run into a small problem that needs your help again.... My Alpine mobile media station broke down, so i took it out to fix it.... but i dont know what tools i need to turn the thing on at home i.e. what leads and power supply is...
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    Car Wrapping?

    Thing is, My current paint job is POOR, it was just a respray in Ford Focus ST orange, it looks fantastic from far away, but close up it has horrendous stone chips and scratches. So if I'm going to vinyl it, it will stay on. Is it cheaper then respraying?
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    Car Wrapping?

    I've heard about an alternative to spray painting your car.... I'm not sure how long its been around, so forgive me if I'm out of date. There's this thing called "Car/Vehicle Wrapping", and its used if you don't want to change the original colour of your car but mask it under some vinyl which...
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    Car design software?

    Im looking for one of those aswell. Im not looking for anything sofisticated, just something to play around with; something similar to a game like Need for Speed, with maybe a bit more detail
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    Foam vs. Rubber subs

    Im in the market for a sub right now, and i need help on deciding which type of sub to go for. Im looking for around 300W rms sub, but i dunno which is better for sound quality: a rubber or a foam woofer. I always associated foam with cheap, but after doing some research i dont think thats the...
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    Where do you Body kit your car?

    haha, i was also fooled by the 'chrome' v grill, its all just shiny plastic. but hey great tips here, i was thinking about spraying the wheels black also, should go well with orange
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    Where do you Body kit your car?

    ive removed most of the badges already. im not sure what i can attach to the bumpers, im a bit worried if i lower it too much, it will have problems dealing with speed humps
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    Where do you Body kit your car?

    Here's what ive got so far, the colour is Ford Focus ST orange aka "Electric Orange" p.s. the second pic has the m3 style mirrors, that's what i current have on
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    Where do you Body kit your car?

    I knew someone was gonna give me some stick for this ¬_¬ im just a young man who wants to make his rust bucket stand out from the crowd T_T have mercy upon me
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    Where do you Body kit your car?

    Daaaaarn.........Just got a quote from them on the matter, they would charge me around £750. Now i know they are the masters at what they do after cheking out their previous work..........but its a bit out of my pocket. I was looking for something arround £400, but then again i dont really...
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    Ford Focus 'Electric Orange' Paint

    Nice one Herb! just what I've been looking for
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    Ford Focus 'Electric Orange' Paint

    HI, does anyone know where i can get some Orange ford focus paint (preferably spray paint, and not the touch up one with the varnish stile brush!), the one they use on Ford Focus ST full name: "Electric orange" paint code: 6FSE Ive tried looking almost everywhere, halfords, few tuning/moding...
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    Where do you Body kit your car?

    Hi. Long time reader, first time poster I want to find out where can i get some specialist help on fitting a body kit to my car (Vauxhall Corsa 1.2, no wise cracks if you've read the 'Fine line between style and chav' thread :toung:), im talking about a tuning/styling garage. I live in London...

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