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    engine wont rev

    hi, ive got a problem with my polo, it starts but wont rev. ive had a vag-com reader on it and it came with these codes. 18047- Accelerator Position Sensor 1/2 18039- Acceleration Pedal Sensor (g79) Signal Too High 18042- Acceleration Pedal Sensor 2 (g185) Signal Too High 16497- Intake...
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    throttle problems

    hi all, today i welded my exhaust up, simple job to do, i removed the exhaust from the manifold, welded it up, put it back on the car, fired her up an now the throttle wont open. ive checked for lose cables, wires. cleaned the senses an made sure everything was connected. ive had my mates...
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    epc light

    the abs light comes on some times but then after a couple of miles to goes off. it does this about 2-3 times a week. i havent had a diagnostic test done yet
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    epc light

    hi all my 1.0 polo 2000 reg. has had the epc light on for the past month. the car runs fine and the brake lights work and so do the back lights.. what could be the problem because ive got a mot in 2 months. thanks
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    would you be able to do it your self if you are a compentent welder? i have already needed to weld the rear arches an also the boot floor. also what would be the best remerdy for rust around the fuel filler cap. any suggestions would be great. thanks
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    hi all i have a 2000 ford ka and i have started to get holes in the sills. i have got some new ones. what is the best way off fitting them. thanks
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    random noise

    ok. cool. ill try that and see if it helps. thanks
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    random noise

    it is a wire arrengment
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    random noise

    hello. i have a 1.3 ka W reg. it has started to make a quite grinding noise. this only happens when its in neutral with the clutch out. when you put the clutch in it stops. also when the engine gets to temp. an i come to change gear the engine revs its self after a couple of seconds it stops...
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    project rat car.

    well. not much has happened due to the cost of insuring my daily run around. but with it being warmer an more hours in the day the prodject should pick up again i hope.:bigsmile:
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    Moving a Battery?

    or you could get a sealed battery at
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    engine problem

    i have no idea why we disconnected the battery. it seemed a good idea. i have fixed the problem. it was the air flow metre that had gone.
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    engine problem

    hello. my mates 1.25 ztec is not running right. between 3500 revs an 4500 revs there is a flat spot. yesterday we disconnected the battery for about an hour while fitting a ice install. once fitted and connected back up. the problem arised. we've cheacked the earth cables. made sure...
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    Body kits going out of fashion

    bodykits on corsas an saxos pointless. how ever on a skyline, 350z. nsx. subaru an others. look good. but they are there for a purpuse. bigger front grille aids in cooling. brake ducts to cool brakes an pervent brake fade. wide archs= bigger track width= better cornering speed, handlering an...
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    project rat car.

    sprayed my boot lid last week end an fitted the bonnet catchs. an i got my pull cable,battery cut off switch an bonnet pins. today will be spent cutting the rear boot floor out ready for the fuel tank an swirl pot an cleaning the engine bay ready for paint.
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    i need a screamer pipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    have it routed in to the exhaust system. best way:bigsmile:
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    Whats in your boot

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    valve removal

    hello. how would i go about removing the vavles from a 8v cyclinderhead. do you have to push them down and unscrew or are they pressed in.... cheers
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    Man puts up a pothole warning sign

    he was in the right to put that sign up. it gave information about the condition of the road. he could argue that when road workers put signs up like 'ramp' an 'men at work' that they create a distraction. but then again th police like to catch inocent people instead of crimmenals.
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    Petrol definitely on the rise

    petrol prices are going up by 1p every week in the derbyshire area. there was a big fuss about it last year when the lorry drivers where going on strike but that seems to be brushed under the carpart. they must off bein threatened by the goverment with the anti terriostim law. at least i think...
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    Formula Yawn

    my view is... to get rid of traction control, ABS an any other electrical goodies. there alound 2 pit stops. one for fuel and one for tires. a engine has to last at least a session if not longer. i used to enjoy watching it but i personally think its gone down hill in the last 6 years or so.
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    What makes the perfect road

    i agree totally
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    Dog attacks a police car

    :toung::toung::toung::toung:. only in america
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    When engines go bang

    i feel sorry for the person who owns it. manly because i would be gutted if it happened to me.
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    project rat car.

    tbh i dont know when it will be finished.:confused:
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    fuel tank

    Item For Sale: fuel tank Price:£25 Location:derby Condition:used Description:a seat cordoba fuel tank with pump and new fuel fliter
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    project rat car.

    took the engine out this weekend aswell as the fuel tank and exhaust. i had to take the front end off as this is the easiest way when you still have the drive shafts connected to the gearbox.
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    wiring diagram

    hello. does any one know where i can get a wiring diagram for a mitsubishi evo 4? cheers.
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    new problem with my corsa

    your wheel bearing could of gone aswell. or some of the wieghts have gone of the wheel. does that help?
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    hi! form japan!!!

    hello. surpized you have audi if it was me i would buy a skyline. arr well each to there own i soppose.:bigsmile:
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    Big cars = bad manners

    in that case put bull bars on your car. im sure that will make a differnts:cheesy:
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    dry sump

    im just wondering how does a dry sump work. and what compents do you need to make it work? cheers
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    Boy racers vs car enthusiasts

    boy racers drive around in corsas and saxos that have a 5'' back box and a max power air filter right next to the manifold. and think its the dogs bohonys. they also drink an drive an smoke pot. enthusiasts are the ones who see the potentall in there car and mod it in a way that makes a good...
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    Modified car insurers

    skyinsurance and adrian flux are the same company. just differnt names.
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    hello all. do any off you know where i can polycarbonate windows from. cheers
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    project rat car.

    the engine is ready to come out. just got to remove 1 driveshaft and 1 manifold bolt and disconnect the power steering pump. removed the main the main wiring loom from the engine. i have had to remove the inlet manifold so i could disconnect some wires that where underneath. this is...
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    project rat car.

    today ive taken the heater out and some of the wiring. 3 bolts later the heaters out. the reat of the sound proofing has been removed. this is the heater. this is some of the wiring removed from the side doors the fuse box has gone an will be moved to a more sutable place...
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    Help! R32 type-m engine swap to 25det

    could be the fuel pump or the fuelrail/injecters being maxed out

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