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    Still on the subject of Twin-charging

    I've been thinking seriously about this idea of twin-charging my Chev Lumina SS 6.OL. I know this could be overkill, as, people like 'Maguson offer Supercharger kits, that deliver great power gains with proven reliability. But - there are always people like me who wish to push the envelope a...
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    Hi guys & Gals. I'm a Lumina SS 6.0L owner from Durban, South Africa and am delighted to join you. Blackbird (as in SR-71 Blackbird).
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    Turbo Questions.

    Firstly. Let me introduce myself. I'm a newcomer to this site. I have just acquired a Black Chev Lumina SS 6.0L - having waited many years to own one, in general. Hence name ('Blackbird' - as in SR-71 blackbird). To attempt to answer your question about the effects of removing your turbo from...

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