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  1. philxj6

    Magazine My car on front cover and inside. Out 15th this month.
  2. philxj6

    Ford Granada 2.3v6

    2.8 for me
  3. philxj6

    My car in a magazine.

    For those interested my car will be featured in September issue of Jaguar World Magazine, along with 4 other future classics.
  4. philxj6

    My XJR

    No sorry I now jave a Jaguar XJR
  5. philxj6

    My XJR

    Nust a little thing. Slightly different colour, but we now have cupholders. Easy job, 20 mins even with my big fingers.
  6. philxj6

    My XJR

    Alrrdy had a Stainless Steel Powerflow exhaust on it. Both fuel linrs replaced, full service, rear pads and discs. Mrs C has pinned the toof lining up. Glass from the B pillar back are going to be tinted and the eheels diped the same colour. Not sure what else.
  7. philxj6

    My XJR

    The Beast
  8. philxj6

    Which sat nav have you got?

    Medion i had went to the great Sat Nav graveyard just stopped working. Bought a Garmin Street Pilot 111, bit bulky but great bit of kit. Now i have a Binatone got it free with az life insurance policy, good bit of kit has speed/traffic light camera alerts seem to update automatically, does the job.
  9. philxj6

    Cars You Remember when a Kid

    My dad had one of these as well, the other one i remember was the Chrysler 180 in gold
  10. philxj6

    Time of Year

    Took the Volvo for its MOT Monday passed with no advisorys. Last year cost £500 two tyres exhaust so they were wear and tear items anyway Not bad for a car with 132k on it
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  12. philxj6

    XJR upgrades

    Various Companies will do that Racing Green Paramount All specialise in Jaguar upgrades
  13. philxj6

    XJS owners introduce yourself here.

    Funny this thread should come up again. I'm going to have a look at a V12 Convertible at the week end...
  14. philxj6

    Dream Drive

    Sunday 17/05/09 I had the pleasure of going to bruntingthorpe on Sunday to drive an Aston Martin BD9 and a Bentley. Absolulty brilliant and the last thing was a high speed lap in a Subaru with a rally driver at the wheel in the pouring rain. Bit of a comedown from a Volvo but it had to be done...
  15. philxj6

    Storing Fuel

    What are the regulations for storing fuel. Bloke down the road from me every weekend comes out of his house with a plastic container and pours a red liquid into the fuel tank. he has a citreon diesel
  16. philxj6

    Re Mapping a 1999 XJR

    Shouldnt you have thought about economy before you bought the car. Best economy tool i find is how heavy your right foot is
  17. philxj6

    What is the best jaguar engine?

    The original engine that was planned for that car was a V12 but they got cold feet when the petrol crisis started and everybody wanted smaller engines
  18. philxj6

    I paid for a full service but did I get one?

    Agree with Wayne unless you trust the garage ask for the parts they replace.
  19. philxj6

    Evo iv

    What is the standard BHP for this car 1996 Model Thanks
  20. philxj6

    mk2 granada 2.8i ghia x A reg

    That doesn't surprise me.Wish i'd kept mine when i see what they are going for these days
  21. philxj6

    1 Hour Motorway or 1.5 hours A road?

    You are so right
  22. philxj6

    Which sat nav have you got?

    Got a Medion works ok dont use it that often
  23. philxj6

    1 Hour Motorway or 1.5 hours A road?

    Waynne You will get me into trouble decided this morning not to go the usual route to work went A+B roads throughly enjoyed myself not sure what my passengrs thought as i threw the car into corners and accelerated out. Might do the same tomorrow
  24. philxj6


    I know but the wife won't let me have an XJR too fast she says So i'l get a Mondeo and not tell her which one
  25. philxj6

    The Best Ford Model

    None of Them Ford Granada 2.8 V6 Manual Sierra 2.8 V6 4x4
  26. philxj6

    1 Hour Motorway or 1.5 hours A road?

    depends what car Sports car roads all the time
  27. philxj6


    How easy is it to tune this car Might be buying one
  28. philxj6

    Car Black Box?

    On MSN
  29. philxj6

    hello people

  30. philxj6

    The 10 Driving commandments

    Do not answer the phone Fluid levels weekly keep Calm
  31. philxj6

    What is the best jaguar engine?

    This was the first one Jaguar Supercharged on a road car Standard was 370BHP I believe but will have to check Lister took one up to 500
  32. philxj6

    XJS owners introduce yourself here.

    About ten years ago XJR-S V12
  33. philxj6

    XJS owners introduce yourself here.

    Used to if that counts?
  34. philxj6

    What is the best jaguar engine?

    AJ6 Bullet proof
  35. philxj6

    Brake Pads

    The brakes and Suspension are up rated to cope with the extra weight ie all the equipment they pile in for Motorway duties. Some say the engine is up-rated as well Not sure on that but it is one of the quicker T5's i have driven It redlines easier and will go past the Redline still...
  36. philxj6

    Brake Pads

    Well the time has come needs new pads. Booked it in at the garage, ordered the pads,went back to collect it Wrong Bl!!!y pads. Because it is Ex Police the brakes are up rated Don't blame the garage should have thought when i ordered them Garage has sorted it had to order them specially...
  37. philxj6

    New XC60

    On Auto Express
  38. philxj6

    Review your car.

    I need the same course or smaller fingers

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