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  1. c130fxr

    The New 9-1

    Jarrus, FoMoCo sold the volvo line to the beijing auto group about a month ago. Yes BAG is going to let the manufacturing stay in sweden but it is now an Asian owned company. and for anyone who may think that i sound bigotted i have absolutly no problems with Asian manufacturers , in fact i just...
  2. c130fxr

    1993 Pontiac Grand Am Owner's Manual

    Are you looking for the cars actual from the factory manual or are you looking for a repair manual.
  3. c130fxr

    Tranmission oil...

    i know on my 9000 aero I hade the hardest time trying to find the drain. I eventually found it after much looking and what threw me off was that it was a flat plug with an allen wrench type of hole.
  4. c130fxr

    The New 9-1

    Hopefully Spyker/Saab won't be stingey and release these models only in Europe; The US is in some desperate need of some quality made european cars to combat the asian market (honda, yota, kia, VOLVO:blink:)
  5. c130fxr

    most beautiful car

    how bout this?
  6. c130fxr

    need some advice for my saab 93 2.0t

    Well it all depends on what you are trying to do. I personaaly like the konis, had a set on my 97 honda prelude before i trashed it. If you are looking for exhaust I just put a JT superflow 3in turbo back on my 9000 and the sound and performance are awesome. Has a nice European/Italian tune...
  7. c130fxr

    Formula offroad Iceland

    Man that is awesome! I love watchin that stuff on tv. Hopefully ill get sent TDY overseas and will be able to experience this first hand.
  8. c130fxr

    Tips for extra performance? on the european side of the atlantic and on the US side.
  9. c130fxr

    need some advice for my saab 93 2.0t

    depends on what you are looking for. I have a 94 9000 aero and it had a 30mm factory lowered suspension and the handling is fairly different than that of the cs or cd. In fact I am thinking about going with a koni suspension system which will lower my car another 30-45mm. The reason I am going...
  10. c130fxr

    Tips for extra performance?

    Depends on what you consider as low cost. I just installed a JT 3in from the turbo back exhaust on my 94 9000 Aero and with out a tune it upped my torque and hp enough that my buddy who has an 05 G35 coupe is now wondering how I keep up with him so easily . Cost of the whole exhaust kit was only...
  11. c130fxr

    basic grand cherokee jeep tuning

    you shouldn't have to pull the ECU for a remap just buy a piggyback tuner. If you are looking for a whole set up I would recommend going with this EDGE setup.
  12. c130fxr

    What is the best Saab Engine?

    HDI your speakin my language. I just helped my 2.3 aero HOT out with a 3in from turbo back exhaust.
  13. c130fxr

    Saab 9000 tuning tips

    Well I have an update. After a month of waiting for the exhaust it finally arrived from Sweden. All I have to say is the sound is AWESOME and the performance matches :D:D:D . Along with the 3in from the turbo back (no cat) I also installed a cold air intake (home built) which is made of Inconel...
  14. c130fxr

    Which is faster RWD or 4x4?

    Rwd is definatly the way to go proven by the SSC Ultimate Aero The official worlds fastest production car "an official record speed of 412.28 kph" SSC 1/4 time is 9.9 vs Veyron at 10.8
  15. c130fxr

    The best subs

    You want some good subs here ya go....
  16. c130fxr

    Electric Superchargers

    one word >>>JUNK!<<<<
  17. c130fxr

    Saab 9000 tuning tips

    Depends on what you base stage tuning on. What you described I would say is more accurate for the cars as a whole ie motor trany suspension etc. With my saab I have found that it they do the stages just on engine performance and it goes well past stage 3. Maptun a Saab specialty company goes...
  18. c130fxr

    Furtherst you have reversed

    Longest distance for me was about a mile. I had to back an Isuzu NPR with an 18 ft bed loaded with about 2 tons of sand and 2 tons of rock and about half a pallet of concrete mix along with being attached to a 22 ft trailer with a T-200 bobcat and six attachments and enough post and fence wire...
  19. c130fxr

    overheating amps

    Funny i didn't have any problems with the 3 12's i installed in one of my comp vehicles I had 2 2 ohm svc subs run in a series to get 4ohms and the third was a 4 ohm svc which i ran parrallel with the other 2 so that i could get a 2ohm mono load for my amp. I was able to beat that setup to death...
  20. c130fxr

    most beautiful car

    Wow that tuff... one of my favs 67shelby gt500 heres another 50's model porche 356 and now that I drive a saab 9000 aero i will post one of their better looking sports cars 70 super sonnet III
  21. c130fxr

    overheating amps

    Try running your subs in a series instead of parrallel. Its sounds to me that your amp is not stable to a 2ohm mono load. It may be stable to a 2ohm stereo load which doesn't draw as much amperage as the mono load. Less amps means less heat.
  22. c130fxr

    Saab 9000 tuning tips

    MA its gonna be a 3in from the turbo back no cat with the kit but I am putting in a magna-flow race cat when i have it welded up. This particular kit is the beginning to going above Stage 3 in the performance mods. :D:D:D:D
  23. c130fxr

    Looking for a new tow vehicle - Any ideas?

    I personally would never tow with a car of any kind, but that just me I have always had full-size trucks to do it. My fav being my 95 Ford F-250 with a 351w and a five speed. The most I towed with it was an 8000lb bobcat with 4 attachments on a 22 foot dove-tail trailer with three axels total...
  24. c130fxr

    help with connecting to fuse box

    Im with turbo go straight to the battery with the power. the sub may pull too many amps through the fuse panel and wind up blowing your main or even worse a fuseable link that goes from the bat to the fuse panel.
  25. c130fxr

    How clean is your car now?

    Mine was at about a 2 since i had just detailed it but now two days later its at a 7 because it has rained for the past two days straight. :? interior is at about a 5 I work 6-7 days a week and I go to school full time so I kinda live in my car. ;)
  26. c130fxr

    Saab 9000 tuning tips

    Thanks Waynne, well I have ordered my 3in Jt Superflow exhaust and it is on a slow freighter from Sweden. The ship time is going to be about three weeks. So until then I am on standby with the mods.
  27. c130fxr

    Hey Ho a new member!

    Welcome I myself am getting a mechanical engineering degree though I think that I am gonna jump ship to aeronatical. Your experience will be greatly appreciated round here.
  28. c130fxr

    Saab 9000 tuning tips

    Well here is a quick pic of the stereo install will probably post more in the ICE section after this one. The trim ring is 2024 T-3 aluminum with the cladding remove and a custom brushed finish applied.
  29. c130fxr

    Do you drive more or less in the Summer

    Me more in the Summer than the winter due to the fact its not cold and more Mountain bike trails will be available ( which reminds me I need to go have the TREK serviced :cool: )
  30. c130fxr

    TATA Nano - A new threat?

    Does anybody remember the YUGO. The TATA sounds like the same thing. If it comes to the US all I can say about it is that it is like a bad fart yeah it will linger for a while but eventually it will die off and go away. Just like the YUGO. I mean hell we have the smart car now which are not too...
  31. c130fxr

    Would you buy a high mileage car or an older one

    Having owned both new and old like you are describing I would personally go with the older model with less mile mostly due to the fact (and I only speak of people here in the States) most people do not take their cars into the dealership or as we like to refer to them as the "stealership" for...
  32. c130fxr

    cars that are nearly perfect from the factory

    younger brother in law had one of these 01 m5 except his was cobalt blue and had a Dinan performance package
  33. c130fxr

    cars that are nearly perfect from the factory

    One of my bosses has this one
  34. c130fxr

    Gotta give this lad credit :)

    Thats pretty good. He sold it though.:lol:
  35. c130fxr

    How dangerous is drag racing?

    I wish that my local authorities were as smart as wcnwizards. The local government could make some serious jack out here as there is an old abandoned short oval track with a nice quatermile strip not 8 miles from my house which is approx the same distance from two metro areas. Whereas the...
  36. c130fxr

    My S2000

    That just totally sucks. Maybe you might want to think about getting the optional hardtop. I know it looks a little goofy with the hard top but you'll have less drag and they won't be able to slash it. Hopefully your police are a little bit better catching the bastards than they are here. Best...
  37. c130fxr

    Progressive Automotive X Prize Mustang Claims 400 HP, 110 MPG; We Claim Baloney [Prog

    Re: Progressive Automotive X Prize Mustang Claims 400 HP, 110 MPG; We Claim Baloney [ yeah whatever; 110 mpg 'subscript' e. Since when do we start referencing any hard math fact as equivalent. And what makes even more skeptical the vid didn't even show the car running unless I didn't watch the...
  38. c130fxr

    Top Tips & trade secrets.

    Buy Craftsman Tools... fairly inexpensive and guaranteed for life. If you do a lot of wrenching ( this is a no brainer ) if the bolt has six points the socket should have six points. If the socket has twelve points then the socket looses half its grip. Six points mean not having to wear thick...
  39. c130fxr

    Top Tips & trade secrets.

    Seafoam the intake every 10k mile or every third oil change. Don't follow directions to a tee. When it says to let it set for 5min let it set for 15-30min for best results.
  40. c130fxr

    Beer or fuel

    You all need to learn a little from the States. We make moonshine which can be used for drink or fuel. All you gotta do is have the car set up for alcohol and your set. What you don't put in the tank you can drink and vice versa. Problem solved.:lol:

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