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    engine upgrade

    Now I'm getting really confused. In the case of a stroker conversion, it is advocated to use shorter rods together with a crank that has a longer throw to increase compression ratio. In light of what you have told me, will this then not simply result in the piston going above the top of the...
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    engine upgrade

    Hi there, don,t all decreases in compression also result in a decrease in windswept volume? I would assume that either using shorter rods or a crank with a shorter throw will result in the piston not going all he way up to TDC and hence decreasing both compression and WSV. Please help me...
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    engine upgrade

    I have a beemer 325is 1990 model with a 2.7L engine. Mods include a racing chip, alpina cams, oversized valves, gas flowed head, 535AFM. She has recently developed a bearing knock and i am considering some power mods whilst the engine is opened. I am looking at either the possibility of a...
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    greetings from new member

    Hi every one. I am glad to be joining this informative and interesting group. I am from Lesotho and we also have plenty of car fanatics out here. I have a BMW325is with lots of engine mods. My current projects include: 1) a BMW 728 1980 being customised into a 'bakkie' and 2) a home built...

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