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  1. Hutch106


    Many thanks for your reply obi. The original gauge has been removed, they just require the Ohm readings at 5ltr intervals. then they will figure out the pull up resistor required. I just need to work out which pins are the right ones to measure the sender readings.
  2. Hutch106


    Once home i need to test the resistance readings for my fuel sender unit, this is required to work out the pull up resistor required to use my Dash2 unit for fuel level etc. Three pins on the unit, i'm guessing GROUND INPUT VOLTAGE OUTPUT VOLTAGE ??????? Or is one of them a low level switch...
  3. Hutch106

    Are your brakes good

    I'm an AP Racing user too, excellent braking systems. Expensive but worth every penny.
  4. Hutch106

    Fitting a turbo .........some do's and dont,s

    Loving the thread, a lot can boil down to trial and error sometimes, especially if you are turbo charging something that has been rarely done. At some point someone will have completed the R&D for you and figured out what works and what doesn't. Bolting a turbo on a predominantly N/A car is...
  5. Hutch106

    Are estate cars getting cool

    Love my 2.4 20V JTD Alfa 156 Sportwagon, practical and i can pull the track car no bother at all. the problem being, its an ALFA :-) Would love an RS Audi in all fairness.
  6. Hutch106

    When is your next service due

    Not a service as such, however, the Alfa requires a new DMF and clutch replacement. Never heard of a self adjusting clutch until i had to purchase one for the JTD 2.4 20V Hmmm
  7. Hutch106


    Hi Team, I'm having a few doubts on the best way to bed in new disc's and pads ready for racing, I have purchased some new AP 4 pots for my little 106. I have read numerous articles about bedding in and the right and wrong way, do i bed in the disc first with supplied race pads or go straight in...
  8. Hutch106


    Picture taken last week at the classic car show at Mount Edgecumbe
  9. Hutch106


    Largo Turbo by Hutch106 posted 11 August 2015 at 06:53
  10. Hutch106

    Ha Ha Image Trophy acheived

  11. Hutch106


    Sorry can't post pictures matey, Still a grease monkey :-) It goes rather well, 1.5Bar saw 422Whp 483Ftlb @3400
  12. Hutch106


    Have been building this for 5 years with a lot of bespoke parts, time has come to let someone else with a family enjoy. I am selling due to the track car needing an added cash injection and i would hate to use as a towing vehicle. Can't post pictures yet due to my new status but trust me when i...
  13. Hutch106

    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    This is a stunning build, some excellent information and pictures. Hutch
  14. Hutch106

    Getting it Right

    I am currently building my 106, its a TU1.6 with the JP4 Head. The turbo that came with it is a GT28-76R Although it has been mapped upto 1.7Bar i am wondering whether there would be a better alternative to acheive approx 400Hp with a quick spool? It has been supposedly geared to the car by...
  15. Hutch106

    Best performance brake fluid

    I use Gulf Competition RF800 racing brake fluid Seems very good
  16. Hutch106

    Recommend a high performance family car

    Any thoughts on the Legnam VR4 ? twin turbo Estate very underated imo
  17. Hutch106

    Hello from Boosted Xsi and Boosted Largo

    Good morning ladies and gents, Currently own 2 vehicles. Both have been turbo converted, However, my 106 is still work in progress. My Nissan Largo is the only KA24DE-T converted van in the UK, I must have been mad to try the conversion but its been a few years now and i still love it. The...

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