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    car seat covers designs

    Hi! What car do you have? I've been using WetOkole seat covers for a long time and I'm happy with them. I washed them many times and they still look good. They are neoprene and water-resistant (btw, they are perfect for people who live in a humid climate). If you like cloth covers, I recommend...
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    General engine tuning tips (VERY General)

    Great tips here, though they are general.
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    We go again.... 69 mustang 351

    Do you use seat covers in your Mustang? Though leather seats look more luxurious, I never liked them. I don't feel comfortable sitting on leather. Moreover, it requires frequent cleaning and moisturizing. I've been using neoprene seat covers for the last four years and I'm happy. They look good...
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    Integra from the rising sun??

    There are still people who find this topic and want to know how the story ended. It is not fair.
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    Bad driving ! What are your pet hates on the road ?

    My dog hates going anywhere by car. She gets sick. And this is a problem for both of us.
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    Hi! Welcome to the forum! Wow! It's a long term. You car might be like a family member.
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    Volvo V40 T5 R-Design Plus 2015 Oil Consumption

    It is definitely helpful for me. Thanks a lot!
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    Modifying your car? Please think carefully about what you're doing

    I always found some of the modifications people do to be frightening. What is the point of doing this? I mean they spend time and money, and what do they get in the end?
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    Hi! Another newbie here. I like my car and I want it to run and look good as long as possible. I'm here to learn new things and be ready for various situations.

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