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    Plastic engine cover - a necessary evil?

    Good call, thanks HDI
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    The best driver you have ever seen

    Jean Ragnotti, that man that Drifts a Clio Williams. This guy is unreal to watch, check him out,
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    Plastic engine cover - a necessary evil?

    I thinks its main purpose is sound suppression so, it may not be the most essential piece of equipment on your motor.
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    Exhaust water

    Thank you very much, yes i do believe its the short journeys causing the problem. I dont think he is tampering with it, he's not that kind of person and its more trouble for him than it is me. I think your right lutonmatt, I cant keep a warrenty on the box if its neither my fault or the parts...
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    Exhaust water

    I recently fitted a back box to a 1.4 citroen xsara estate 2001 model, the customer had complained that he has fitted 3 back boxs in a short space of time. Within a week he had returned to me, the back box was leaking water at both the seam and the join to the middle box, there was an excessive...
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    Tips for my sierra!!

    Weld that diff and get er sideways dude! :bigsmile:
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    Andy rouse and the BTCC

    Your more than welcome! This for me is real cars, driving in real races, talent like that cant be bought! :D
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    Andy rouse and the BTCC

    Just recently took an interest in Touring car races while watching these videos, Enjoy petrolheads!!
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    MY current capri project

    looking good dude, im a big capri fan myself. keep the pics coming
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    What is the biggest vehicle you've ever driven.

    Artic. with box trailer. Scary stuff, plus I just cant really get the hang of those air brakes (and I dont actually have a licence for one)!
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    You know it's cold outside when....

    You know its cold when... ......your walking to work because you know your never gona be able to drive up that frosty hill no matter how many times you try. know you should have bought an anchor this year instead of those new brake pads because there not worth a Jack in the snow!
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    Hello from me!

    I've actually been posting on the forums and forgot to come in here first (sorry). I hope I can be of some help to people on here and i'll try my best because this is exactly what every mechanic/car enthusiate needs. Gallcobair.:D
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    Uneven tyre wear.

    The problem is down to under-inflation of the tire, over inflation would have the opposite affect (incresed wear on the centre of the thread). Incorrect Toe in / toe out will leave a feathering baldness on the inside / outside of the tire (one bald tire side only per tire).
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    107 alignment

    Does anyone know is it possible to adjust the rear toe angle on a pug 107. I couldn't see any adjustable bolts or track rods etc. Thanks
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    OBD II Software?

    Re: OBD II Sorftware? Yeah its for a garage. Tasks like fault code reading, service light setting and possibly key coding etc. Doesn't have to have any modding options like ECU mapping/tunning etc.
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    OBD II Software?

    Hi, Im thinking about buying some Diagnostic equipment and Im looking for suggestions for a budget OBD II software package(or what would you recomend for general car diagnostics). 1/ What are the more reliable names out there to buy? 2/ Best way to run the program, (ie. Laptop or PDA)?
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    lexus L400 v8 Alarm issues

    HA HA nuts isnt the word for it! This thing is my nemesis dude! I've asked the main dealers, every back street garage that i know has worked on one and auto electric guys to find a bypass but no joy. I think your right waynne, syncronising the fob seems to be the only answer, can this be...
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    lexus L400 v8 Alarm issues

    Re: Lexus Forum Still no luck with the ls400, anyone else with ideas?
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    lexus L400 v8 Alarm issues

    Re: Lexus Forum Thanks for the replys lutonmatt:
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    Most pointless features in a car

    PLASTIC! Everywhere! Oil change takes about ten minutes, taking off the mountains of plastic surrounding everything you need to get at to do an oil change takes ages GRRrrrr! I remember replacing a no.plate bulb on a hyundai, 24 screws to be removed! WTH is up with that?
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    lexus L400 v8 Alarm issues

    Alright folks, This one might be a bit off topic but, theres a lexus L400 v8 1996 (I think) and I changed the battery in it, now the security light is on beside dash and the car is immobilised. I have been told to leave the key in the ignition for 6 minutes to reset the security then start the...

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