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    RX7 worth doing up?

    true, hate it when the head rules the heart though, because you then make sensible decisions and its not as fun! ill stick to stripping and re-furbing a 1.8 to go into my BG for now, then think about the RX7 options later.
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    RX7 worth doing up?

    Hi all, im from devon. gonna go back to the scrappies at weekend and take a peek at the engine and ask why it was dumped there. I really like the RX7, its a :love: thing!
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    RX7 worth doing up?

    Hi all, new here. I have a 323f BG, which i love, but i have seen an RX-7 (89-92?) at the local scrap yard and wondered if anyone had bought an old one and spent time doing her up? its not something i want to complete as soon as possible, i would just like to spend a couple of years getting...

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