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    Astina 180SE Engine Swap

    RE: Fitting a 2.5-V6 into the 180SE Heh Guys I can't seem to find the info here, that I saw a long while back, so I'm going to ask it again!:P The Astina came out in a 1800 and 2.0-V6 but I know some guys have fitted the 2.5-V6 (MX6) motor to the Astina. Who has more info on this...
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    1984 Corolla 1.8GLS (3T) Tuning Mods?

    I have an immaculate (flat nosed) 1984 1.8 Sprinter with the 3T motor and a genuine 80480km on it :P . This car is orriginal with nothing fitted to it ... yet :? Now what can I do to this motor, without changing/swopping it, and without the obvious blue printing and porting etc. What...

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