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    Weekend Promotion - Like Our Facebook Page and Get a £5 Voucher

    Thats great, thanks for that :bigsmile:
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    Weekend Promotion - Like Our Facebook Page and Get a £5 Voucher

    Thanks guys, hopefully we will get lots of new fans :bigsmile:
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    Top Gear 05/02/12

    I thought it was the best episode for absolutely ages. Nascar was awesome and I loved the Chinese cars aswell. That X5 rip off was so blatent!
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    Weekend Promotion - Like Our Facebook Page and Get a £5 Voucher

    Hi everyone, We are running a promotion this weekend that I thought i'd let you all know about. If you like our Facebook page below we'll give you a £5 money off voucher to use on the site :D We are also running regular competitions and other money...
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    McLaren F1 vs Bugatti Veyron

    On Top gear they had the Mclaren vs the Bugatti and the Bugatti won. Mclaren was faster off the line which i'd probably expect (especially given Stig was in it!)
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    hello torque members!!!

    Hello and and a warm welcome from us
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    E46 Multichanger that plays MP3's?

    From memory I think you can buy an interface from someone like Connects2 that lets you fit an Alpine CD Changer onto the original factory head unit. I was going to get one for my M3 but I ended up getting a parrot kit instead which streams my iphone into the factory sound system (might want to...
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    my 1991 Renault 5 GT Turbo

    Not many of these around nowadays, especially in such nice condition! When I passed my driving test this was the car I wanted! Its a classic!
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    The best looking Saab I've seen since T9's!

    Think its the shadow that's making it look wonky, its seriously wideboy, looks great!
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    Component speakers

    I had some Hertz Energy Speakers in my last car which sounded great. From memory they were about £150 and they came with separate tweeters and crossovers. Shame I had to sell the car :(

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