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    cool air induction for 2001 accord

    Standard brake is 147 but not sure what it is at present. I have a self made CAI and engine breather filter directly on the intake. Im thinking, after some careful investigation, that i may go the supercharger route. Im thinking that with the belt driven, cooler running charger, i can boost...
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    cool air induction for 2001 accord

    *the work i can do...*
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    cool air induction for 2001 accord

    Oh i am hehe... The more power the better... But how far do u think i should go before hitting the reliability issues? Dont want to give the mrs another excuse to bitch, she already hates the amount i spend on fuel haha ;o) ... Also, do u know any 'cheap' places for performance parts? Being a...
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    cool air induction for 2001 accord

    Also, i forgot... On my accord, the bottom lhs of the bay (as in your pic) has a lot more room and depth so pretty much out of the way if you think the honda engine design is quite central and slightly backwards tilting, with factory strut bar on top. Will post a pic soon to fully explain. Just...
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    cool air induction for 2001 accord

    Aaahhh, i see what u mean. My setup is pretty much the same, minus the extra breather etc (for now) as its a new buy. I just havent added the extra wrap around shield. Glad to have seen it though as it makes sense. Nice engine bay btw, looks good in the blue. May have to steal the colour if u...
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    tire pressure

    Im running on original 15" with 32 + 30 psi front and rear respectively
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    cool air induction for 2001 accord

    I dont understand how the induction can take in the warm engine air, when mine is mounted where the box enclosure used to be. Hence, bringing in continuous fresh cold air through TWO air inlets in the corner of the engine bay?! I just need a bigger filter rather than better inlets
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    Dashboard Bulbs

    Did u do the light colour change? Im thinking of doing same myself but thought id see how easy it is first ;o)

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