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    BA7 2.2 TDCI 175 Query

    Yes , think I'm just going the hybrid turbo tehcnics route , until I have a turbo and cartridge I can play around with , fuelling seems to be a major issue with all ford TDCIs as there isnt any off the shelf injector upgrades , mine being the 175 , Iv seen the 200 2.2 has a better injector rate...
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    BA7 2.2 TDCI 175 Query

    Looking at Hybrid routes for my 2.2 Tdci 175 Currently has a Gt1752v with electronic actuator. Turbo technics have gave me an option of hybrid internals with gt1756 specs , with claims of 240bhp with supporting mods. Would a possible GTB1756VK with electronic actuator from a audi a4/5/6 be...

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