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    Want used alloy wheels for ZEN

    I want to buy used alloy wheels for 2003 Maruti Suzuki Zen with PCD of 114.5x4. if anyone want to sell there alloy/mac/sports wheels then please DM/message me on insta @fenil_rana_774 , preferable location is in Gujarat near surat
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    Hey, I'm Fenil Rana

    Thanks brother, 240SX is one of my dream jdm car but in india it never came. But i'll try to import one. BTW my channel name is Aanarky. Thanks for visit on the channel
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    where to buy transperant exterior light covers ?

    anybody knows where to buy this transperant front bumper side indicators equipped with fog light, the car is MARUTI SUZUKI ZEN 2002
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    Hey, I'm Fenil Rana

    Thanks admin, I am glad to join on torqueCars
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    Hey, I'm Fenil Rana

    Hey, I'm fenil rana new member here from india and i have maruti Suzuki Zen which i wanted to make street race car and I need help with that. I also have a YouTube channel, just started posted only 1 video ( if anyone want to know what is my channel name comment me i will write in comments ), I...

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