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    407 SW Rear Light Cluster

    Cheers Jarrus.
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    407 SW Rear Light Cluster

    I have a 2008 407 SW Sport XS. One model later, Peugeot changed to LED type rear lights. Would it be possible to directly replace my cluster for a new set or would they have different connectivity?
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    Box or remap

    Thanks for your replies. I'm hearing more and more about leaving the box alone whoch is a shame as the guy seems really reasonable and truly believes his product is good. It's benefits are easy install and uninstall and not a permenant intrusion into the car's ECU. It also has 10 maps for...
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    Peugeot 407 SW HDi 2.2 Sport XS owner says hello

    hello peeps. I have a Peugeot 407 SW HDi 2.2 Sport XS and just posted in the Peugeot forum but its been moderated yet. Although it has 170 BHP I've got the upgrade bug and want more. Thinking about either a Synergy CR1 tuning box or a remap from a tuner but cant decide on which. Also, would a...
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    Box or remap

    Hi, I recently bought my Peugeot 407 SW Sport XS. It has the 2.2 litre twin turbo diesel and claims 170 BHP. I have the upgrade bug and have seen a tuning box with 10 pre-installed mpas for different driving aspects: I've also been chatting to a...

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