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    bigger blower for 1.6 hdi

    Hi. This probably will have been answered somewhere, but I've already fitted a full exhaust and induction kit. Next is a ecu remap, but before that, I need to know if the turbo from the 110 bhp partner, will go onto my 1.6 hdi? Thanks
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    high output alternator

    I can always hook up a step down conversion to run the battery up front, solely to run the vehicles electrics,if any issues at 15v. Then use the battery bank in the back for the supply to my system.
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    high output alternator

    I have five group 31 xs power batteries as my battery bank. The high output alternator will allow me to manually adjust the voltage so can run 15v and so get the full power of the amps I run. The max current draw is around 800 amps running into .5 of a ohm for my four 15's
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    high output alternator

    Hi all. I've got everything equipment wise installed, so last bit now is alternator. Been in contact with mechman, and now trying to get as clise a match as possible now to oem alternator, do be easier for brackets fabrication. Need to find out some detailed specification of the oem...
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    high output alternator

    Hi. I'm new on here, but not to ice installation. Been trying and so far failing, to find anyone out there to help me fit on a high output mechman alternator. Hoping that peugeot modifyers can help out here?

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