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    sequential manual gearboxes?

    I prefer to have a clutch, it give a lot more control.... well it does on my bike. I think my gearbox is a constant mesh sequential dog box, and when changing gear I NEED a clutch (ok sometime I go down a few gears without when slowing to a stop, but only when its cold and using the clutch...
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    Do you learn from your mistakes

    yes, really, if you dont then you will end up making those mistakes over and over. like today, I went up to box hill on my bike, some of the roads were quite gravely in the centre where I ride. so on the way back I remembered that the bike nearly ditched on the gravel so rode at the edge...
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    Furtherst you have reversed

    umm, about 20-30 yards in my instructors car, about all of 5-6 feet with leg power on my bike.
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    Modded SE 2009

    hopefully I will be going to a few. waynne, in the bhp peformance show, it says that there will be public track time, do you think they will allow bikes? as I should have a new bike by then.
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    Beer or fuel

    hmmm, beer or fuel. well...... really... in all honesty... would say fuel. but then again, how much money are we talking here? As I can get about 170 miles out of a tank if I take it easy, and that only costs 13 pound for V power. insidentally, HDI you use V power dont you? as you can...
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    if anyone is interested in my bike I would say in the next couple of days as I need to sell it to get a new bike, and It might have to go to a shop :/
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    Six months imprisonment for motorcyclist caught riding at 120mph.

    I do agree with that, that it is a bit much to imprison someone for driving a bit fast, but in all honesty, in a car you have a bit more control if it starts to go, whereas on a bike you have very little control if it starts to let go of the road. all in all in my opinion, yes, he was an idiot...
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    Six months imprisonment for motorcyclist caught riding at 120mph.

    ah K well thats where I am wrong, I wasnt sure on the speed limit and have never been down the road so I know nothing about how fast you can go down it. but in all honesty, doing 122 with a young kid on the back is very stupid, what if the kid fell off? I dont think he would be getting up...
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    still lookin!!!!!!!! Help....

    lol no offence, just was asking the question why you didnt want an older one, probably came out a bit wrong. but yeah, the 2000-2001 206's are good. the 1.6xs are quite fast aswell
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    Six months imprisonment for motorcyclist caught riding at 120mph.

    I ride a bike and think that doing 122 in a 30 (think it was a 30) is WAAYYYY to fast even for a 'busa. ok they will do 187 (not 200 their limited) but you dont need to use that power where there is a chance of hurting yourself or someone else. And with his son on the back you would have...
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    What is the tuning scene like in your town

    in my town? theres the normal chav type with the shopping cart with a dusbin for an exhaust and lexus lights [they really dont look good on punto's and saxo's but they do look good on a ........LEXUS] there is one or two nicly done up cars but the general tuners are 17-18 y/o's with saxo's...
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    long time no see

    well I havnt done much more on the car side of things, been trying to get my bike licence first. but all has not gone well, I failed the bike one 2 damn times, first cause I forgot my shoulder check on my u turn, an the second time for going through a set of lights when amber (he said red, but...
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    still lookin!!!!!!!! Help....

    how come you have such an adversion to cars before 2000? some of them are really good (this is a sweeping generalisation not just for pugs)
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    ah right :) cheers
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    Im in midd-ish kent. and yup its tax'd and tested for about 8 months both of them. got a new mot before I picked it up from the dealership and tax the next day or so :) just looked where your from :blink: that would be quite a trip. but can get it delivered at cost
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    Other Car Forums

    I agree PH can be 'very' bitchy at times where people get flamed really badly, But at the same time it can be ok. I tend to use the Bike bit on there. whereas TC is much more friendly and from what i've found, will always lend a hand where needed ;)
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    long time no see

    heeyyyyyy, havnt been on here in ages [for certain reasons] and thought I would say hey. so whats been happerning in my absence? I know prince had a crash, not good but aslong as he's ok. hows OG's elan coming along?
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    I Had An Accident Last Night

    not good prince, you havnt had the work done 'that' long, and were they new rims when you had it lowered? all in all, it could be down to two things, you broke more than you thought or mechanical problems, as the disc broke in two, i would think its mechanical. have you got a price on the...
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    thought that I would offer my bike up here. so for sale, a 2003 honda NSR125R JC 22 fox eye model 19000 miles new sprocket set, brake pads front and back. new fork seals/fork oil and new head stock bearings. new front indicators [as the rebber had perished and were v wobbly] still a lot of...
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    Whats your idea of a fun drive?

    a good an twisty NSL road, cant get much better. and yes, the car/bike does matter, destination no, just aslong as your going somewere, passenger, well as I dont have people on my bike, no. :)
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    Have you ever hit or injured an animal or bird

    nearly got a pidgeon in the face at about 70 the other day, would NOT have been good as I was trying to de-mist my visor so it was open a bit. but no, never hit one yet
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    What was your driving test like

    havnt really done much with it since I failed last time, been getting my bike one, soon as I get that done Im going to start with the car one again. was sooo close to getting my bike one, just forgot one shoulder check and failed on the U turn
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    What was your driving test like

    failed my bike test the other day dammit. all cos I forgot to do my shoulder check before turning in for the U turn ahhhhhh
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    If you were the Stig what would you drive

    agreed, good car, fairly cheap and your not making your self stick out as its a vauxhall ;)
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    Car related practical jokes?

    A biker I know unpluged the rear Ht lead of a mates bike so it was only firing on one pot. quite funny when he went to do a fast getaway and only managed to beat my 125 by a tiny bit heh. putting ACF - 50 all over someones engine (its a anti corrosion formula) I put that stuff all over my bike...
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    What is your torque

    lol mine is the lowest! what do I win :p with a weight of 132Kg and 30bhp, and 17 Nm of torque. (derestricted) hopefully from the 10th of jan, my power figures will have improved greatly. to about 130bhp and 140kg :D
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    Drifting courses

    JDM allstars do a drift acadamy, depending on the venue, the price can be 200-350 I think. (they havnt updated there site and It took a while for me to get an email back from them, like a couple of weeks)
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    Cold steering wheels

    heated steering wheels/grips are great. just fitted heated grips on my bike and instead of having hands so cold I could warm them by putting them under the cold tap (ok I could be exagarating a bit there, but still), to having nice and toasty hands :)
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    Petrol is coming down again

    not sure I filled up with super unleaded yesterday and It was only 96p hope it goes down somewere to 75p, that would be good. :)
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    RWD Conversion

    dunno about it costing the same as a skyline to make it RWD. maby a grand or two. I agree, a rear wheel civic would be novel, pretty unique, but Im not sure about how it would handle as its set up for FWD.
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    Driving with no music

    oooh didnt know your from my way, havnt spotten your car about. what colour is it?
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    Thoughts on NOS.

    now, I think It would be a bit insane to put nitrous on my bike, its only good on turbocharged 'busa's for the drag strip. so purely for, well, just knowing, what would happern if I were to add NOS to my 2 stroke bike. engine wise that is, I know that it will be hard to keep the front wheel...
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    Favourite car show

    Indeed, I totally agree, I was knackered by the time I got home, left my house at about 7 an got back by about half 8ish pm. Still didnt get round it all properly, but I did take a while. prolly an hourish to be drinking guiness heh. might have to go to the NEC when the the show you...
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    Driving with no music

    quite often I ride with no music on. I think thats a bit down to I like the sound of a screaming engine, as my bike redlines at 11.5k revs :) and I cba to put my earphones in atm, as I have just bought an autocom (speaker an mic set for my helmet) and its a bugger to fit.
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    Rude drivers are everywhere

    ummm, are you being sarcastic? cant quite tell the way its worded from the first bit lol. but yes, If your not very very observant on a bike, quite simply, after a while you will be dead.
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    So who had fun in the snow this morning?

    not really been out in it so far, dont really want to in my NSR, dont want so smash all the fairings up my lowsiding it. might get a couple hundred pounds worth of off road bike thats good at sliding around so I can use that when its crap weather so I dont risk righting off my nice bike...
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    Favourite car show

    went to the NEC yesterday to see the carol nash bike show. Only been to one other, an that was the mini bike an classic car show that I got the pics from for my gallery was really good, got some nice stuff aswell, an autocom (speakerset and mic for my helmet) heated grips, and some...
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    Rude drivers are everywhere

    Gah, inconsiderate drivers really get my goat. even more so, when, lets just say, certain drivers, seem to want to crash into me head on when I am filtering through a line of traffic jam. an example, today, going to work, noticed there was a long jam up to a set of traffic lights (was work...
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    homemade exhaust flames

    illigal...... ILLIGAL........IIIIIIILLLIIIGAL. LOL. yes, sparkplug in the "zaust" then run it rich. (I think thats what you do, but dont really know what to hook the spark up to, perhaps a relay so when you full throttle it sparks??? )
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    Favourite custom paint and colour

    oooooh you gits, :confused: now you bringing up the house of kolor, Its basically making me get a custom paint job on my new bike :/ damn it, really could have spent the money on better things. has anyone got a link to some house of kolor samples or good custom paint job sites???

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