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    Mazda 3 owners introduce yourself.

    Hey all im new here but i must say that this whole tuning thing has become an addiction! i started out racing drift in my 91 rx7, it was fun for a while but costs a lot of money when you meet mister wall or another driver so here i go with my 2009 mazdaspeed3. i love this car it just has a rally...
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    It's been a while...

    hey guys im new here so... i have a mazdaspeed3 09, gonna tune the hell out of it and it will most definetly be impresive! any ideas on how to post a pic here?
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    09 mazdaspeed3

    hey all i have a 2009 mazdaspeed3, it is a blank canvase at this point i just baught it so let the project begin! by time its said and done i will have 420 hp and 430 ftlbs of torque! i'll keep ya updated!:bigsmile:
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    new guy

    hey everybody new tuner here

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