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    BLB/BRD FOptions

    I'm fairly sure the OP issue is down to the hex key, when it came in I could hear the tell tale noises from the bottom end, ive changed a few. The car has been serviced by the same garage for the last few years and always had 504-507 along with good quality filters. Its currently on 180k and...
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    BLB/BRD FOptions

    Hey TCJBOLDIE, Thanks for the welcome. I thought I'd read the 140 injectors are 'tuneable' to 200% whereas the 170 injectors aren't. I'm looking to potentially go down the route of a bigger or hybrid turbo assuming my current one is lunched. I've replaced a few of the pump shafts and every...
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    BLB/BRD FOptions

    Hey guys, New member here, in the last couple of months I've acquired two audi A4s. The first is a 55, 2.0 140 BLB, EGR blocked and pipework removed with a map to suit also a 170 turbo. The second is an S-line 07, 2.0 170 BRD standard. I've got the dreaded low oil pressure but have no worries...

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