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    Air Filter Brand suggestions?

    That is interesting. Seems everything I've looked into so far regards modding cars just presents more questions than answers :confused:. Realistically then, according to that article, I wanna measure air pressure changes across the various parts of the intake and exhaust systems in the car...
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    300 mph

    That article old-git linked suggests the Dagger will be 2500bhp, run on a special race fuel mix and if you plan to take it to 300mph, you need to buy all the optional safety extras. It says that there's are good safety reasons manufacturers don't make cars that go that fast. Doesn't sound much...
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    Air Filter Brand suggestions?

    Hi Guys, I'm considering putting in a sport air filter in my filter box (as opposed to the stock paper one - or forking out £200+ for a cold air intake). We're talking a 2.4 i-VTEC (K20 series engine). Can anyone please suggest any manufacturers of air filters that's got a good reputation...
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    Makers and dubious HP gains

    My car on paper is 187bhp, 163ft/lbs, 0-60 in 8.4 seconds and top speed of 138mph. Having driven it for over two years and flexed its muscles from time to time, I feel this to be an underestimation. I'm confident that dyno tested it would come out higher bhp/torque. Not loads higher, but...
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    Is Ken Block your hero or a zero

    If I had that much free time and money, and felt inclined to, I'd be that good at stunt/rally driving. I'm sure the same goes for many of us here. But what he does is still cool. The world needs wealthy nutters like him, to keep the rest of us entertained and dreaming.
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    BMW to faze out V8's

    It's sad to see an iconic engine be discontinued. But I have a lot of faith in BMW. I'm sure whatever they do next will be mighty, and probably be more fuel efficient and kinder to the environment to keep the tree huggers quiet. Don't know if I feel the same about VW doing away with their V6...
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    Faster=Better MPG

    Driving a 2.4 iVTEC Honda Accord with a 65 ltr fuel tank. I always fill with super. Best tank I've had was 90% motorway driving cruise control at 70mph or there about. Refilled after about 430 miles, probably could have gone to 450 though. The paperwork for the car says the best possible tank I...
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    can a 2.4 iVTEC be remapped

    That's interesting splashofpaint. I was actually looking at cold air intakes and was wondering what the likely impact would be. I understand they're pretty easy to fit and don't cost the earth to begin with. I'm not sure, but I think the throttle plate on the i VTEC is a slightly funny design...
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    VTEC Engagement Changes?

    Hi, thanks for your comment. I did some more googling after I posted this. I found an american forum where it was being discussed at length. They were basically saying the same as you. About leaving the VTEC point as it's set in the factory, as they know what they're doing. Although one person...
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    VTEC Engagement Changes?

    I'm sure this will have been thrashed out here before, but I was unable to find anything with my searching. So I apologise if I'm just going over stuff that's been covered before. I'm considering ways to give my 2.4iVTEC a little more oomph. I don't really want to do anything drastic and...
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    accord sat nav error

    The Disc Drive is pretty straight forward to remove. I did mine when it packed up, just out of curiosity. You need to take the whole gear stick surround up and everything to get the trim, but once you're in, the drive come out quite easily. Once out it was a mission to get at the lens/laser. I...
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    Hi TorqueCars

    I've just got a 6 button Street Fighter set up and a Daytona USA Upright (not working) at the moment. The tables are less common, but don't let eBay fool you. There are really only a few classics that fetch big bucks. You'd be surprised at what £300 will buy you, when you know the right people...
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    accord sat nav error

    Don't put a disc cleaner in, it will cause further damage. The lasers in the Sat Nav's are terrible. They flake out very easily. The official Honda Sat Nav discs are gold. If you're running a copied disc like my mate was (it was a purple colour blank dual layer DVD) it will put too much strain...
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    can a 2.4 iVTEC be remapped

    I don't know a great deal about cars (yet), but I did a lot of reading around on this of late and have just signed up to see if anyone has been thinking along the same lines as me. The top topic in the Honda section is this! Clearly it was meant to be! :D Anyway, I found this, which is a...
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    Hi TorqueCars

    Hi guys, I'm Stevearcade, I'm 26, I live in Eastbourne on the south coast (UK) with my Mrs, our son and two cats. I drive an 03 Honda Accord 2.4 Exec Tourer (the big estate with all the trimmings ;)). I've owned and loved my car for over 2 years now. It's completely converted me to...

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