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    Pontiac g5. Is modifying this car worth it?

    Thanks bro! I'm sick of my highschool! Lol. But I am a serious beginner when It comes to cars. I have done alot of serious reading on cars and how they work and alot of different performance and suspension mods that you can do to a car but reading isn't gonna get me under the car. Do you get...
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    Questions about modifying a Pontiac g5

    Now I have a 2009 Pontiac g5. It's has the exact same 2.2L ecotech motor as in the chevy cobalt of that year but I'm posting my question here in hopes of more people can help me. I was interested in thinking about some basic mods for my car, like a cold air intake and a better exhaust system but...
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    Pontiac g5. Is modifying this car worth it?

    So I'm just starting to learn about modifying cars and i got a Pontiac g5. Is this car even worth modifying? It only has 57,000 miles on it but its an automatic; that holds it back a lot. I thought about just saving up for an '04 Acura RSX.

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