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    Air con or window open

    Air con always. Just had mine regassed £40 worth every penny
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    Golf - tech bulletin issued for rusty wings

    Ive already gone through the vw process and in the end I gave up bought 2 new wings and got a friend to paint them for me. He is a spray painter and has been spraying BMW,Jag and VWs for 20+ years. The wings were £140 each and painting cost £120 One thing I discovered when going through...
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    Golf mk5 TDI clutch

    Southbend clutch in a golf mk5 tdi. Does anyone have one of these installed? How is it? does it run quietly?
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    Tuning A3 2.0 TDI

    Find the nearest Revo dealer and awaaaaay you go:lol: http:// This will brighten your day up
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    golf mk4 gttdi 130

    £125 tell us more. Thats a low price to pay
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    Land Speed Record - using an F1 engine as a fuel pump!

    Still couldnt keep up with me on the A66:lol:
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    golf mk4 gttdi 130

    I had my golf 140 custom mapped 4 years ago and have done 30000+ miles without any problems. Well except tyre wear which I couldnt help:lol: Find a local company who will look after you.REVO dealers will offer a 7 day map which you try before you buy. This gives you time to try the map before...

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