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    Noisy rearview

    Hey guys, I have a problem. Whenever I listen to music my subwoofer causes the rear view mirror to shake; it makes an awful noise. Whenever I hold the mirror with my hand the noise stops. Does anyone have any experience with fixing this? Thanks for the help.
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    Hey all, Just signed up to learn as much as I can about tuning. I drive a 02 chevy cavalier (unfortunately this is all my funds allow at this time). Thinking about tuning it; I just posted in the chevy forum so if you would check it out and offer your two cents I'd appreciate it.
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    02 Chevy cavalier

    Hey everyone, I got a 4 cyl 2.2 non ecotec cavy. I'm looking to have a fun reliable daily driver. I'd rather have acceleration than a high top speed. I have about 5k ready to spend on mods. Can I build this car to satisfy my performance desires? Or should I save the money and sell the cavy to...

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