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    Peugeot 405 heater matrix

    Many thanks for the reply Davey but i was told to use a bottle of K seal in the radiator as this would seal the leak in the heater matrix and yet still allow the heater to work, it appears to have solved the problem as the radiator level has not been touched since. Best Regards Richard
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    Peugeot 405 heater matrix

    A couple of days ago I noticed the radiator coolant light on on the dash board further investigation showed the level was low. The radiator was replaced a couple of years ago and the front passanger carpet was very wet. I suspect the heater matrix is at fault? I am asking advice on wether to use...
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    Hello i'm new to the site.

    My name is Richard and the proud owner of a Peugeot 405td estate, I have had the car since the year 2000 it was first registed in 1997 and I bought the car with 131,000 miles on the clock it now shows 225,000 in that time it has been very reliable with only the usual wear and tear items being...

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