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    frustrations..... frustrations!!!!!

    My project Porsche 944 with the Pontiac v6 swap is at a complete stand still. My mechanic has started a new larger shop. He thinks he needs to oversee all the phases of construction so I assume he slinks around feeling important while my project sits with no progress. He said 20 to 30 hrs...
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    Hi All

    they say it's the same bellhousing pattern as the audi so it may bolt to the torque tube and input shaft then get creative to make the shifter work, upgrade the axles and viola we go again.
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    Hi All

    The car has an 89 turbo posi-track transaxal. It is suppost to be pretty tough. If it's not we're ready to replace it with an Audi drive system
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    How to sabotage a car undetected

    Water won't hurt the engine. We used to pour cold water in the carberater while running to brake up carbon in the combustion chamber. Pour it in while not running and engine won't start untill it drys out then it will.
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    Hi All

    I am already swapping a pontiac engine into the car now and it is not less expensive by any account. LOL
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    Hi All

    1 thousand dollars is actually pretty cheap for the repair and the buyer would save 40% on the cost of a high performance engine
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    Hi All

    The 60's were great. But since my hotrod was a 56 plymouth savoy with 270 v8 with 12 ftlb of torque, I spent alot of time flagging drag races. I'm not going to fix the motor. It is a $10,000,00 motor with 3500 miles on it. The only repair it required is #4 cylinder needs a sleeve. About...
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    Hi I have just Joined and would like to stay hi to all porsche nutters

    don't discount adding water and methonal. I will run both water and innercooler but alot off guys run only one or the other. Remember turbos didn't always have innercoolers.
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    Hi All

    This is my first reply so no pics yet. Don't know if it was from a firebird was pulled when we got it, just garenteed to run. I'm only going to hit 600 on the dyno once then turn it down to about 550 rather then continue to run higher boost. I really hope it is as reliable as I expect.
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    Hi All

    I am wigguy4, or Ron. I live 13 mi from the nearest town, Holden, mo. I have a 944 Porsche that is receiving a Pontiac 3.9 v6 with a large turbo, upgraded fuel system, brake system. We are shooting for 600hp. My mechanic is a genius but slow, he is young and lets life get in the way. I...

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