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    Amplified Slim Underseat Car Sub Subwoofer

    What are your opinion on these and which one do you suggest.
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    Hey all.

    Atm it has 4-2-1 tegiwa manifold, cat back tegiwa, eibach pro kit springs, hks intake pipe with tegiwa carbon box filter, carbon bonnet, sleeker spoiler, spacers 15mm, pbs brake pads and braided hell hoses around and mapped. So looking what should I do next on it. my to do list is 4 set of...
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    Hey all.

    my fn2 is nighthawk black ^^
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    Hey all.

    I am Danny and just got my fn2 a few weeks ago. There is a lot of things I want to do on it. Joining some forums and checking how others and what people have done to their ride, would help me a have a rough idea what I can do.

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