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    new body kit lookin on ebay seen a few i like but rome wasnt built in a day lol
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    Ice cracked sub

    got a hair line crack in ma 12 inch sub its like a hair line fracture 50 ml is their any way of stopping tht afful vibration wonderig if could seal it n maybe super glue it but dnt knw if it would hold ???????????/:confused:
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    Induction kit

    I was on ebay their an d was thiking about buying 1 of the cheaper induction kits worked out about £30 quid ut not to sure or do u think a should push the budget up and maybe buy a brand make k&n 57 i or piper cross help me please:(
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    Clean car is good

    cant get any better especialy when u wood need a chisel n hammer to scrape the neiobor s cars mud off "gleeming"
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    Clean car is good

    you cant beat a good bit of elbow grease on a sunday :lol:
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    just heard about this page looks great
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    Saxo vtr

    good call nice set of light alloys does make a diffrence to im at the stage of renewing vernier pulls belt ect bn remapped too what a diffrence at not a to bad a price
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    hello every 1 :embarrest:

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