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    TCJB's latest track days 2023

    Hi Eddie here are heaps of pics from my latest track day at Queensland Raceway last week .

    TCJB's latest track days 2023

    Hi Eddy one only pic but you can scroll thru to see all of the different cars.

    TCJB's latest track days 2023

    Competed in the largest historic street sprint event in Australia at Leyburn held over 2 days and there were an estimated 8,000 spectators or more and was in what is called the invited <2000cc NA class that had 10 competitors that included unregistered track cars and was pipped for 3rd place on...

    Peugeot 208 GTI Tuning Project

    Hi Eddie your Pug is coming along nicely |B


    Hello and welcome :) I am not familiar with your car but as a general rule the cooler the air is the more power an engine will make so IF you can mount a larger intercooler in the available space then go for it. NOTE larger IC surface area is more efficient at reducing inlet air...

    Help on tuning Honda L15BE Turbo engine

    WOT = Wide Open Throttle or foot flat on the floor or pedal to the metal. DC = Duty Cycle of the injectors. For example if you have say 1000cc injectors that is how much fuel CLEAN injectors will flow @ WOT so for safety it is generally considered that the maximum amount that a 1000cc...

    Help on tuning Honda L15BE Turbo engine

    Hello and welcome |B I raced a turbo car for 20 plus years in club events and from experience learned a few things. 1 The injector WOT maximum DC should ideally be around 80% 2 DO NOT set the tune for max power as it will be on the verge of detonation. Set it for RELIABILITY in all...

    Hi guys new user on forum

    Hello and welcome |B As you can see I drive and track a 2011 FN2 Civic Type R, so what model Honda are you working on and your plans for it please? Are Hondas popular in your country ?

    Ford Escort Mk 1 discussion

    Hello and welcome from a banana bender :) Aussies will understand that. I am not a Ford man but for starters you may want to consider the following mods. 1 Watts link for for rear diff housing . 2 Panhard bar for the rear axle ( not as good as the Watts link but still much better than doing...

    TCJB's Morgan Park track day

    It is located in Warwick on the Darling Downs about two and a half hours away but is a far more interesting track with different layouts that has many off camber corners of all types as well as elevation changes . I am in the process of tweaking my recently installed Gecko coilovers and have...

    Hello Honda family

    Hello and welcome |B My car in the sidebar is a2011 FN2CTR model that was not sent your way and is the last of the NA Type R's and is powered by the K20Z4 that has an 8200 rev limiter fuel cut bolted onto 6 speed gearbox and a factory mechanical LSD. I have upgraded the front brakes to 4...

    Still trying to lower my lap times

    Have just installed GECKO coilovers on my FN2 Honda track day car and have to resume testing and adjusting them in an effort to find the best setting that will allow for my powering out of corners with as little of front end push / understeer as possible. Have also added an extra degree of neg...

    TCJB's first track day for 2023

    It is coming up on the 23rd and can t wait to discover the difference the newly installed GECKO racing spec coilover suspension upgrade will make to the grip level and reducing understeer that comes with most cars especially a FWD. I have set the dampers up 10 clicks from full soft at both...

    Honda Accord Type S 2002 Modification Help

    I think that you may be able to get a bit more go out of your accord by installing a hi flow with a less restrictive exhaust system and a K&N air filter so the car will sound better / more sporty and if that is not enough my suggestion is either trade in in on something that has more grunt...

    At Last!. I have started on my car ;-) PART 2

    I was beginning to wonder if you had fallen off your perch and gone off to meet St Peter at the pearly gates.:confused::lol:

    TCJB's final mod

    Fronts installed with -3 deg neg and dampers set F&R @ 10 clicks up from full soft as a starting point. My intention / plan is to get the feel over the first 3 hot laps and try for a time on the last 2 laps and then stiffen the rears by say 3 clicks OR soften the fronts to evaluate the change...

    Honda Accord Type S 2002 Modification Help

    Hello and welcome to a fellow Honda owner. |B I have an FN2 CTR and have only fitted coilovers 'rear bar ,BBK and a Spoon oil pan to make it better for my track days where the road tyres and wheels are changed for wheels with semi slick tyres. To get more power from any NA motor is quite...

    TCJB's final mod

    Installed the rears myself the other day and getting the fronts fitted next week. they have lowered the rear by app 2 inches but final height will be by the suspension guru after the fronts are in place. Am guessing that he will set them with a bit of rake towards the front.

    My final track day for 2022

    Eddie those pics were from an earlier track day when the sun was shining .

    TCJB's final mod

    Have finally got my Gecko track spec coilovers for my Honda CTR over Christmas and now have to wait for my suspension specialist to resume work on the 16th of the month. Am really looking forward to fine tuning the dampers to suit my driving style as I need it to rotate a lot better so I can...

    Stay safe over the coming holiday period

    Well it seems not that long ago that we celebrated Christmas in 2021 and now its almost here again so it's time to take a break and enjoy life with ones family and loved ones and life in general despite the problems and health issues that Covid19 has caused. .Santa is finally delivering a set...

    My final track day for 2022

    Thanks for your compliments Eddie but I must say that I am still taking advise from others who are in my opinion far more talented and reckon that pushing the limits in trying conditions is a great learning experience. Cheers and have a great Christmas break and get the Pug track ready and...

    TCJB's October track day.

    I missed equalling his time by 3/10ths of a second on my 4th and last lap as the fuel gauge was almost empty.

    My final track day for 2022

    Mate it rained all afternoon and I loved driving my CTR at 10/10ths or maximum attack as the rally boys say and posted 3rd on one track and 2nd on the other one ahead of an I30N ,370z track 86 and an Evo 8 and had an absolute ball driving the wheels off it. Entry into T1 was down from 165 kph to...

    My last track day for 2022

    Well the weather forecasters got it right for once and it never stopped raining all afternoon and the track was as soaking wet with deeper puddles everywhere that made the Honda very twitchy in many places with the ABS being activated when trying to threshold brake difficult. Did a lot of left...

    My final track day for 2022

    Well it's tomorrow and the weather forecast is not looking great for a dry sunny day at my local track that is just under an hour away and have noticed that entries are down. So it looks like reduced lap times are out but I see it as an opportunity to feel the grip limits at a lower speeds...

    I'm still here

    Good to hear your mum is in the mend.

    MY 2nd track day in 22

    All tyres have an optimum pressure and heat range for the maximum grip and that's why drivers weave around on the warm up laps and behind safety cars. GP cars have tyre heaters covering the tyres before heading out onto the track.

    Car Exhuast Tips

    Hi Eddie if the tip is chrome or Stainless then a bit of metal polish and elbow grease should do the trick. Internal exhaust system cleanliness is down to how well your / any car is mapped along with the ability to minimise oil entering the combustion chamber. FWIW I use a measured amount...

    TCJB's October track day.

    This was an extra event for the year that used the usual sprint and clubman circuits in the morning and the National V8 Super Car track in the afternoon as well as allowing passenger hot laps as well . My son and grandson drove for more than an hour to sign the indemnity that allows underage...

    I'm still here

    You may have noticed that I have been MIA for some time but am still alive and kicking and still entering Time Attack events at my local track in my 2011 Honda Type R. My wife has some serious health problems that have been my top priority and have had to withdraw from 3 events including one...

    finally a new Fiesta RS Turbo owner :)

    Hi Andy am a fan of your car but not the factory wheels . Am guessing that they will be quite heavy compared to aftermarket flow forged wheels that will help make the car a bit more lively much like a LW FW.Cheers |B

    Motor swap bolt it for more power

    Hi and welcome :) As you can see I have a K20Z4 powered 2011 FN2 Civic Type R that was to my knowledge not sold in the US but it is a popular swap over here in the 90's Civics . The CTR head is often bolted onto a K24 long block as it has the highest airflow. I'm sure there are bolt in kits and...

    Megane 3 1.6 16v 101ps Mods

    Hello and welcome |B It would be helpful if you were to tell us exactly you intend to do with your car to be able to point you in the right direction.

    First gen sF 2000 forester

    Hello and welcome |B If you are interested in doing something a little different then a Honda K24 can be a better choice as there are conversion kits available in the US .that bolt up to the Subi's transmission.

    Question which exhaust setup best suits a V8

    The mid point X over system is only needed for cross plane V8 motors due to the firing order. Flat plane motors do not need a crossover in the system for the best power output.

    i30 from AU

    I bit hard on that bait:lol: Pity I can't help with your questions. BTW I have been to WA a long time ago and went to the valley of giants and climbed the lookout tree right up onto the platform as well as visited many wineries in the Margaret River area.

    i30 from AU

    Hi and welcome to a fellow Aussie |B It seems you are misguided by saying that WA is the best state when everyone knows that Queensland is Gods own country:)

    TCJB's bucket list event

    Thanks for your reply Wife has a life threating cancer and will be getting results of all the tests ,scans ultra sound and MRI and the prognosis next week. She has been a very healthy and loving wife and life partner for 55 or so years so it was easy to cancel those 3 events so I would be home...

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