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    Brake Mounting : The correct way

    So what you are saying is it doesn't matter how you mount it except it being securely mounted? Doesn't the brake torque figure somewhere in this? The caliper must be at least at the top half to get the maximum torque (the radial distance being from the ground for same brake force) Any solid...
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    Brake Mounting : The correct way

    I had a nagging doubt for quite some time, the answer to which still eludes me. The brake caliper mounting on the front and rear wheels, is it mounted in some fixed position? I have seen many that if have the caliper of the front is mounted on the upper left of the disc (car front is to the left...
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    Subaru BRZ - 147mph

    This is one good car. Just reading an article about it today. The BRZ and the Toyota GT86 are near identical twins, borne out of co-operation between Toyota and Subaru's parent company, FHI. Toyota took care of product planning and exterior/interior design, Subaru handled the detailed...
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    Do tread patterns really matter

    As a car moves, the roughness of the road surface causes the tyres to vibrate, producing sound waves. This results in a noise typically described as a roar or a rumble. A separate phenomenon involves air being trapped by the advancing tyre. When the air is forced out of the way it causes a noisy...
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    What music do you drive to

    Up the irons!! Iron Maiden it is, Then Metallica and ACDC.
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    Do tread patterns really matter

    Seriously? Sorry Mate firstly i wanted to correct you, there's no such thing as a "hydrofoil effect". What you wanted to say was probably aquaplaning or hydoplaning. Also its not only for guiding water away to prevent but also for noise reduction when the car moves. Michelin Primacy LC is an...
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    Lambo's SUV : The Urus

    Well it looks good to me, at least its better than what Porche, Bentley or the Maserati offer :amuse:
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    Lambo's SUV : The Urus

    I think it looks fantastic, with 600bhp under the bonnet, real good show at the Beijing Motor show by the Lamborghini....What do you think?
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    McLaren F1 vs Bugatti Veyron

    :lol::lol::lol::lol: seriously the best one BBJ!!
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    McLaren F1 vs Bugatti Veyron

    Yep, thats an old one but lets not forget that the Mclaren was built with dynamics in mind, so it will always be faster on the start and good on the corners, the bugatti wins it because its all filled with technology and computers, id choose the mclaren anyday.
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    Automotive Class

    For me it has to be the Fiesta RS Turbo:blink1:
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    Automotive Class

    So which would be the best hot hatch today?
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    Automotive Class

    I was just going through a link on Wiki on Renault and the car was categorized as a "Hot Hatch" in the class. Wonder what it means? Any suggestions on the Hot bit?
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    Delhi Auto Expo 2012

    Thanks a lot Waynne :D
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    Delhi Auto Expo 2012

    I empathise with you pal, I thus went alone, no one in my family or friends could have tolerated 7 Hrs of nonstop walking in between pavilions :p
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    Delhi Auto Expo 2012

    Hey guys, im back after a long sabbatical :p But i got some cool news, THE DELHI AUTO EXPO!! Check out the link below and do comment on the pics plz:
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    Gordon Murray designs an electric sportscar

    The AR.1 is an electric sportscar, which has been designed by the great Gordon Murray. Full Report below:
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    McLaren F1 vs Bugatti Veyron

    Well id take the F1 cause it has the weight advantage which means it accelerates faster the the bulky Veyron, but over the 1 mile stretch its the veyron that's going to win because of the sheer momentum it carries due to its weight.
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    Gallardo or R8

    No arguments, The R8 wins. It does what the Gallardo does and that too at a cheaper rate. Honestly speaking it looks much much more sexier that the lambo:love:
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    What is a supercar

    Straight and simple, cars that cost you a fortune to buy and then run i.e. expensive to buy, amusingly pathetic mileage, loads of grunge (noise for some) and low enough in height;);) Coming to the categorization, like turbonutter69 said, these cars of three types- the sportscars like the...
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    favourite lamborghini

    Nothing gets close to the Aventador, Hail Lambo!!:D
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    Favourite Ferrari

    Mine will have to be the 599GTO, a true Ferrari:D
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    Self driving cars - the future

    That's what i added in the end, these aids are a part of our life now, in case we make a error
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    Self driving cars - the future

    Well, you can drive pretty well enough without ABS, if you're not talking of on the limit driving. And that's where the emphasis lies, how you encroach the limits, drive well, and safe and you'll do just fine without those aids. But honestly, they're a part of our life and we do depend on it...
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    Self driving cars - the future

    I'm strictly against all driver aids, they take out the fun of driving. And auto-driving!! How the hell will guys like me enjoy the pure pleasure of driving :(:( On a serious note, these aids are good most of the time but nothing is better than a self-thinking, self deciding Homo Sapien ;)...
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    From SA!!!

    Welcome to Torque Cars, hope you enjoy your time with us:bigsmile:
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    How to make the roads safer

    I think women are better drivers than men. Accidents on roads are primarily due to the rash driving by men, who seek adrenaline whenever the foot meets the pedal. In short educating people about the correct driving techniques, the rules to follow will be "right of way":blink1:
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    Check these wheels . . .

    these tyres have been doing rounds since 2005. They are called the Michelin Tweels (a combination of Tyre and Wheels). The Tweel is a combined single-piece tyre and wheel combination, hence the name, though it actually begins as an assembly of four pieces bonded together: the hub, a...

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