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  1. J

    my 106 xt

    P0rn! Love those. Lowering it the splines way is a bit risky mate, best taking the bar out and doing it the mm but its done now and looks the sex.
  2. J

    My Old Skool DUB *updated piccys*

    mmmmh i love that old style of golf, really really nice !
  3. J

    Latest Motoring Offence Penalties

    What does that actually mean?
  4. J

    Jim's XN

    Have been busy working a lot recently, not much time to be on the computer these days. Anyway. New filter arrive, here's the old one and the new one, and after i fixed the flexi tubing so it sits better: Heh, need to give the engine bay a little clean. :D My black mirror covers...
  5. J

    206 and 70mph

    Its the balancing/Tracking of the wheels. Best bet is to pop into somewhere with a tracking machine and get the wheels tracked and balanced, or get new tyres.
  6. J

    Jim's XN

    Nah, there not on yet mate, still need filled/primed/sprayed/laquered :p That's them just sanded up so they are ready to be filled. Hoping to do that today if its not raining :(
  7. J

    Jim's XN

    Finnaly got the induction kit fitted, looks quite neat sitting in there, need to cut the tubing a bit though:
  8. J

    BMW 318i SE

    Nice 1! Piccies?
  9. J

    Jim's XN

    Also planing on colour coding bumpers, so order myself a set of bumpers from later models, after some sanding: Now they need filled and primed ready for soem top coat after i strip the front bumper. As by standard XNs have no rev counter and instead a big old analoge clock. So...
  10. J

    Jim's XN

    Mmh, maybe i should post some progress on the car. And what i've been doing, was going to leave it for a while till i had done a lot of stuff, but oh well, ill post it now. Here she is stock standard after i got her: Then i got the badges off Now for the bigger change ;)...
  11. J


    Seems dodgey to me, what kind of car you got?
  12. J

    make it faster

    What kind of car you got? Weight reduction, strip the car, get a roll cage. Air filter, sports cat, 4-2-1 manifold, fast road cams........ its endless mate ;)
  13. J

    Wbat mods are you happy to do yourself?

    I'd attempt to do a lot to mine. Maybe not a full body respray. But you cant trust other people to do your mods for you, best do it yourself, if you break something, you know where you have went wrong and can learn from it.
  14. J

    First car for under £1000

    Mate, save about a grand or less more for a 106 quicksilver. I wish i done that. They are 1.4, quite nippy, handle like go karts and best of it is they are insurance group 4! Nice and cheap to insure, perfect first car imo.
  15. J

    Help with Ford Fiesta MKIII 95 - Styling

    Bah, i dont agree with dont mod your first car and get some NCB, gives you some practice for when you do get something bigger! You dont want to mess up a 3grand car, but its ok if its your car that cost about £600. Anyway. I wouldnt go any bigger than 15s if i were you. That way you can lower...
  16. J

    Not been around for a while, here why...

    Are going to put it on rollers and 1/4 mile to get some stats up? :D
  17. J

    206 Colour Theme

    Dont get those vents decals things! Looks hideous. Nice care mate, tell you what, as soon as i seen it i thought if black OZ alloys, that would look really good on that one. Im also thinking you should colour code the mirrors. Smoke your rear lights really black too, and tint those windows...
  18. J

    DIY Go Kart

    Inspired? ;)
  19. J

    The Muppet Thread

    4) idiot clutch breaking on a hill rolling very far backwards, the car behind beeped its horn
  20. J

    Not been around for a while, here why...

    Speechless mate, thats some amount of work. Looks really good bud.
  21. J

    Turbo'd 106

    Real respect for this guy, cant wait till its out on the road. Once you read the size of the engine that's been turbo'd, you'll be a little surprised ;)
  22. J

    206 Colour Theme

    Got any piccies? Give us a better idea so it would.
  23. J

    206 Colour Theme

    Im going to be the odd one and go for silver and red. Unless you get the alloys sprayed black. Why limited to lexus?... What about some smoked MRs or smoke the stock lights?
  24. J

    Punto Mk2 1.2

    You will not get any (noticeable) kick, an extra couple of brake running cold if you are lucky. As waynnes said, performance needs more than £50. The induction roar is nice though.
  25. J

    If you were limited to 3 mods what would you do?

    Engine swap Turbo Dont know about a 3rd, fast road cam maybe? Too many options, cant belive some people would put a bodykit on if they were only aloud 3 mods. :o
  26. J


    Yeah try ebay mate.
  27. J

    Driving Etiquette

    I hate people that push in especially if you didnt expect it. Like today twice, once with some one in beamer the other in a 4x4.
  28. J

    3 stud to 4 stud alloys

    Yea, 3 stud are hard to come by. :( found a few, but not much.
  29. J

    What can I do with my SmatCar Roadster?

    Sell it? :P J/k, er what exactly are you looking for? Performance? Looks?
  30. J

    3 stud to 4 stud alloys

    Can anyone tell me what it is i need to get to fit 4 stud alloys to my pug. The french must have thought 3 stud was a great idea, along with the analogue clock on the dash... grrr...
  31. J

    The Best Peugeot Model

    Come one, 106! GTi and Quicksilvers :D
  32. J

    Unique Instrument Panel

    Have you got any pictures of your interior right now before the new dials are put in? Green might look out of place a biit. Maybe blue would match the silver and black a bit better. Apart from that everything looks fine to me.
  33. J


    I prefer trainers. I drove the other night in my boots which was really annoying. They are heavier and you dont feel the pedal as much and they clip the other pedals.
  34. J


    7 days was just pure rain waynne, oh and some very strong wind. Then we got some sun which was good. I had no idea what a nimrod was mate, thanks for clearing that up.
  35. J

    Pre MOT Test jitters.

    Congrats, well i've still got about 10month till mine, so im ok just now... but i dont want to even think about the MOT.
  36. J


    Hi i arrived back from my holiday in Newquay the other day after 2 weeks. How are we all? Anyway, i've been reading about 106 forums and finding out about fitting alloys (stupid 3 stud) and i keep reading about nimrods, can anyone enlighten me what these are? I really should know what they...
  37. J

    MY current capri project

    I really like the work mate, hope it the problem gets solved swiftly.
  38. J


    We'll need to be seeing some piccies then! Metallic black i presume? Those corsas are really, really nice in black. The only thing i dont like about corsas is they are too common :(
  39. J

    my 106

    PAS isnt going to be a big job, it isnt an engine out job; just got the work book manual. But i still dont know if i actually want to install it because i like feeling more in control of the car. The CV joint on the front drive shaft is needing seen to, probably needing a new driveshaft and...
  40. J

    Quickshift Kit

    Cool, might just pick one up, they are really easy to install. Have you got one yourself?

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