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    Best car for drift?

    id say depends on the track mountains youd definitely wana go small and light but if its a track or you just set up some cones and the track is bigger than a mountain road id go for powerful and heavy
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    Some good starter mods for mx-5 1999 model

    Hi guys i havent bin on in a long time but im back now with more questions of course what would be some good starter mods for a new driver for a mx-5 1999 looking for mods for engine/suspension/brakes
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    Mazda mx-5 Tires,rims, and width

    Hello guys its me again with another question how much change would it be if i put wider wheels in the back and threw on some 15 inch 5 spoke rims. tire size wheel size and wheels width helps and once more thank you
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    ecu remap on a mazda mx-5 (1996)

    Is it possible to get some sort of ecu that has two options a racing option and a fuel economy option or maybe something in the middle because i thought i saw one of those that had two knobs on it and two mini bars that shows how much fuel economy it saves and how much horsepower/torque it can...
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    ecu remap on a mazda mx-5 (1996)

    Is a ecu remap just a different chip or am i missing by a longshot iv heard people getting for the 50 bhp from a ecu remap so im curious o and if you get a ecu remap will you ahve to change any engine parts.
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    Mazda Mx-5 engine mods,suspension mods, and interior mods (no turbo)

    The us gallon right now is about $1.80-$1.90 but sometimes the gas price just skyrockets one time it went up to $4.50 a gallon il probably end up getting a turbo but that l probably be the last thing i ever buy because i want to get a a good reliable one with a reliable boost control system...
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    Best LSD to run

    Im actualy not very sure i will try to find out but for a lsd is it just one lsd or 4 lsds one for each wheel?
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    Mazda mx-5 TURBO

    Thank you guys you are soo helpful I appreciate all your help
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    How much money you have spent tuning your mazda car and what parts

    Hello guys i just want an idea of how much a good deal of money is spent on car tuning and customizing so i know what a reasonable amount would be and what parts have you chosen for your car. Thank you for your time-koolbum20
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    Mazda mx-5 TURBO

    Hello guys its me again how much would a bolt on turbo kit and boost control system cost to hook onto the mx-5 year 1996 1.8l engine o and also what would help the turbo perform better and would any of these listed parts interfere with its performance stainless steel catback exhaust system, k&n...
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    Mazda Mx-5 engine mods,suspension mods, and interior mods (no turbo)

    Ya but to me its not only about horsepower its also about fuel economy i dont realy want a gas guzzler u know im trying to get 20 mpg+ if i can get more because fuel prices in usa skyrocket sometimes o thank you for the info to i didnt know about that
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    Mazda Mx-5 engine mods,suspension mods, and interior mods (no turbo)

    o and im going for the 1.8l engine and my plan is to add pulstar spark plugs, air filter, swaybars, anzo tailights, fuel filter, stainless steel catback exhaust system, spyder headers, EBC Brake Pad Set, ACT Clutch Kit o and id ont know were to find a lsd or how many i need
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    Mazda Mx-5 engine mods,suspension mods, and interior mods (no turbo)

    ya i dunno but i dont realy like turbos that much turbo would probably only do it as a last resort and im sure most engine mods lika ecu chip or other stuff would give me more horsepower and gas milage.
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    mazda tuning tips!!

    Get a air filter for it o spark plugs etc. Little things like that maybe if your wiling to go an extra step you can get a performance exhaust system or bigger headers for the engine.
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    What Car To Get

    You can get a mazda mx-5 but its rear wheel drive so you'd really want to get one of the high quality lsds for it so your not sliding all over the place there not to expensive and parts are not to expensive either
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    Best LSD to run

    wow i feel dumb over here there's so much stuff to learn...... if anyone has some good links can you please send them to me thanks a lot o also i have some questions about LSD`s and were you can find them in the USA for Mazda mx-5`s
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    Mazda Mx-5 engine mods,suspension mods, and interior mods (no turbo)

    Hello guys im new to this forum and just want to know what kinda mods i can hook onto the engine and suspension and ya i kinda live in the usa so if anyone can relate to that please help. also would a cold air intake decrease power or increase power because i heard that a cold air intake on a...

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